Day in the Life- 10 month old

It's been awhile since I've done an updated blog post on my everyday routine as a stay at home mama! As most of you may know we have a 10 month old (Lowen) and a 2 year old (Lyric). The last time I wrote a post like this Lowen was a newborn and Lyric was under the age of two (Click here to read). So much has changed since then so I figured I would give a little insight to our new routine as a family of four.

My day is filled with tons of tantrums, snacks and two busy babes but somehow I manage to get everything done and heres how I do it.



I wake up every single morning between 6:00am and 6:30am. At this point my body just automatically wakes up at this time because I've been doing it for so long. Even if I wanted to sleep in, I can't. It doesn't matter anyways because this is the time that both boys wake up and are ready to start the day. They used to sleep in until 8-9am but ever since that dreaded time change happened they wake up before the sun. haha

My husband and I normally split the baby duties so he'll get Lyric a breakfast bar (he normally eats breakfast at Mrs. Pamelas aka "school"), change him and get him ready for the morning while I feed Lowen an 8oz bottle. I use the Baby Brezza to make his bottles and we absolutely love it. If you're on the fence about buying one, I highly recommend it.



At this point we're loading the whole family into the car to drive Lyric to school. We always go as a family and get coffee on the way home! I actually look forward to this every morning :)



We normally get home around 7:45 and thats when we started getting Lowen's breakfast together (my husband and I will take turns on breakfast duties). Here are some breakfast ideas that we normally make for Lowen in the morning.

Click here for the 3 Ingredient Sweet Potato Pancakes!

While he's eating I take this time to do a quick clean up. I start with the kitchen by unloading the dishwasher, loading it, washing bottles and cleaning countertops. I try to stay on top of the cleaning during the week so it doesn't pile up for the weekend.

Once the kitchen is clean I move onto the next room (the living room). I just pick up toys, old bottles and misc things that collect throughout the evening. The kitchen and living room are the spaces that fill up with clutter the quickest so those are the two rooms I focus on when I have a free second. By the time I'm done cleaning Lowen is done eating. I clean him up, wipe off the highchair and get ready for playtime.



My favorite time of the day because he's so happy and ready to get his energy out. We normally go in his room where we keep the boys toys. He loves to go in the basket and pull out all the toys, stand on his crib and walk around it and play with his push car to practice walking. I normally play with him but if I have something I really need to do; like laundry, I'll bring it in there and get that done while he plays.

This time of the day is SUPER important for us because the more energy he burns off the more sleepy he becomes and he'll take a great nap. Which in all honesty is a win for both of us. We'll play for 30 minutes to an hour just depending on the time we start!



Lowen has a bottle every 4 hours but since his last bottle was at 6am I don't give him a full bottle at this time. I just give him a 5oz one so it holds him over until he wakes up from his nap.



I put 4 binkys in his crib, he likes to throw them out and then doesn't have them so I make sure he stocked with all the binkys haha! I literally just lay him down with his sound machine on (he likes the rain setting), black out curtains so it's nice and dark and I shut the door. He rolls around for a couple minutes and then usually falls right asleep. He will normally take a 3-4 hour nap which is his longest nap of the day.



Now that Lowen is up from his nap I like to have a snack ready for him while I make his lunch. He likes to snack on anything he can hold so I do teething biscuits, yogis, veggie puffs, etc. I give him his lunch while I wash bottles, pick up lunch, and put the dishes away. Oh, I wanted to share that we recently bought a long sleeve, lightweight bib that is a game-changer. It catches everything and I don't have to worry about his outfit being destroyed. We bought it at Ikea for $7 but I'll add a link to a cute/ similar one I found: Baby Smock Long Sleeve

Anyways, here are some common lunch ideas we typically feed Lowen.

After he's done eating I put him in his Skip Hop Saucer to play while I clean up his mess and wipe down his highchair.



I give him an 8oz bottle around 1pm. He may or may not drink the entire thing but I put the full 8oz just incase. He finishes his bottles in like 5 minutes so after that we do some playtime. I love walking around the house as he follows me, it's the cutest. We'll play for 30-45 minutes! I have so many toys that I love for Lowen and Lyric both especially for learning and sensory, so I've included a little "shop now" guide incase your stumped on what to get for playtime!

If you need more idea check out my Toddler Gift Guide & Baby Gift Guide!



After we play he goes back down for a nap which by now is around 2:00pm. This nap is the shortest one and normally only lasts for 1-2 hours depending on how tired he is (or how much I wore him out, hehe).

Now that I finally have some me time, I normally turn on my true crime shows and catch up on emails, blogs posts, messages, test out different recipes, make the kids food and prep dinner. Honestly, I'm so busy trying to cram everything into this nap time that I barley have time to eat lunch. So, I kinda just snack or make something quick.



Lowen wakes up and has a quick snack and a little more playtime before we head out to pick up Lyric. This is when I make sure dinner if prepped and ready to go when we get home. I get both boys food ready on the plate so when we get back home they can eat.



I give them their dinners I pre-made prior to leaving the house. While they're eating I get mine and my husbands plates together and put the rest in the fridge for leftovers.



We do baths every other day so we let them play in the bathtub for 30 minutes or so. If they don't take a bath we just sit in Lowens room as a family and play with the boys until it's time to relax.



Now we put on a movie to start winding down for the night. I make Lowen a 9oz bottle and we cuddle the boys on the couch. I put Lowen to bed around 7PM and Lyric goes shortly after, around 7:30PM.

Our days are so busy and they go by extremely quick. I know it can be overwhelming thinking about house work, cleaning, cooking and still being productive with your baby. Trust me I get it. But no one is super mom and we're all just doing our best with what we're given. I also know how hard it is to figure out a schedule that works best for you, your baby and the rest of the family; we struggled with this the first 4 months of Lowens life. So I hope this helps a little and gives you some ideas to incorporate in your daily life!

Also, one more thing. I'm very much a schedule type of person. I always have been and probably always will be. So I have attached a schedule breakdown of our day below as well as a blank one for you to fill out as you wish!

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