Amazon Prime Day must haves!

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

All I have to say is... IT'S AMAZON PRIME DAY! All of us online shoppers are in heaven with all these amazing deals. I'm not even going to lie, I spend the majority of my time on Amazon trying to find the best deals and cute items whether it be for our house, the kids or myself. If I ever need anything my first thought is "Oh let me look on Amazon." So naturally I had to share the amazing deals I found with you all! A lot of these items I already have but still wanted to include in this blog post because they are MAJORLY discounted and it's something you can't pass up! I also plan on stocking up on Christmas gifts for the boys while everything is on sale so I'll be sharing what is currently in my Amazon cart as well!


Kids Life Jacket 53% OFF = $12We are currently using a girly hand-me-down puddle jumper life jacket. So were taking advantage of this awesome sale and getting a "boyish" looking one. I love the way this fits, it doesn't ride up and he is able to swim and move around freely. Highly recommend.

Rechargeable Stroller Fan 25% OFF = $18I actually saw this on another bloggers page and instantly bought it. We have it in black and LOVE it! It's rechargeable, bendable and has three different speeds. If you live in Florida this is a must have.

Kids Table and Chairs 41% OFF = $60 │I've been wanting a table and chair set for Lyric (& Lowen when hes old enough) but I just couldn't see spending $100+ dollars on something that would be covered in crayon markings and spilt juice. This is such a great buy! It's cute, functional and not "cluttery" looking. Were adding this to our cart!

Jumbo Knob Puzzle 40% OFF = $12 │Every time we go to library Lyric gravitates towards these big puzzles and you cant beat the price. I added this to our cart for Lyric and Lowen both!


Play Kitchen 30% OFF = $133│We actually have a play kitchen we found on the side of the road and fixed it up, but Lyric plays with it everyday. I know they can be expensive so I thought this was an amazing price for everything it comes with! Kids love this!

Sit to Stand Learning Walker 29% OFF = $25 │We never had this for Lyric but I heard so many amazing things about it. So, I'm adding this to our cart for when Lowen gets older and starts to stand. I love all the gadgets on it that they can explore with.

Fire 7 Kids Tablet 40% OFF = $60 │This is currently in our amazon cart! We have a few road trips coming up so we wanted something to play movies on for Lyric. We like that this has kid apps, a protective case and built in stand! This is such a great deal for those "I NEED to keep my child quite" moments.

BOB Jogging Stroller 33% OFF = $300 │I don't have a jogging stroller but this is such a great deal with $150 off. I've heard amazing things about this stroller, so I wanted to link it for anyone looking!


Maxi-Cosi Convertible Carseat 17% OFF = $225│We have two of these convertible carseats and love them! They are extreamly padded, easy to remove and wash and has a cup holder! One of my favorite carseat brands and it's on sale! yay!

720 Water Wipes 20% OFF = $43 │We use these for Lowen and I always buy them in bulk when theyre on sale! If you have babies, this is one thing you'll always need so I don't mind spending the money and stocking up.

Portable Baby Swing 20% OFF = $56 │BUY THIS IF YOU HAVE A BABY! I was always so particular about baby products looking to "baby-ish" which is why we decided to go with the 4moms mamaroo. We'll our newborn hates it so we snuck out to Target and bought this swing. BEST PURCHASE EVER. It's so quite, folds so easily and has music, white noise and different speed settings. We literally take this everywhere with us and it's amazing.

Lollipop Baby Camera 20% OFF = $119 │I get so many questions on the monitor we have for Lyric which we can control from our phone. Well, here it is and it's 20% off! This is the perfect time to get one if you've been eyeing it!

Tummy Time Water Mat $3 OFF = $10 │This is currently in our amazon cart! Lowen isn't a huge fan of tummy time so I try to find different things to stimulate him to play on his belly. I've heard great things about this and it's cheap so I figured I would give it a shot!

3 Silicone Bibs $6 OFF = $20 │ We love silicone bibs! We use them every day during meal time for Lyric. They are so easy to clean that it's worth the money. We've had the same bibs since he was 6 months old (he's now 2 years old) so you get your moneys worth!


Duvet Cover 10% OFF = $30│I was going to wait to post all our bedding details in a separate blog post but these deals are too good right now! This is the softest, coziest, duvet cover you'll ever have especially for that price. It's by far my favorite we have owned so far. You would think this was $100 dollars because of the quality.

Duvet Comforter 30% OFF│I'm so glad this is part of the sale because everyone needs this in their life. It's so soft, light weight and so dang comfy. I scored the Amazon jackpot with our entire bedding set so the only proper thing to do is share it all with you! I promise you will not be disappointed.

Sheets 35% OFF = $16│Once again, the softest sheets you'll ever own. I don't like spending a lot of money on sheets because I love the color white and they get gross so easily. I mean... with two kids and a sweaty husband, lets just say we replace our sheets often. These are so dang comfortable you'll never buy another sheet set besides these! I promise.

Throw Pillow Inserts $25│We used these pillow inserts for our beautiful Woven Nook pillow cases and they are perfect. They are full, soft and are great for decorative pillows! They're not on sale but they're such a great price I had to include them. You get four pillows, thats right! FOUR PILLOWS for $25


4k Amazon Fire Stick 50% OFF = $25 │This is currently in our Amazon cart! This is such a great price. We don't have cable so were purchasing this so we can watch Hulu live on our tv!

Instant Pot 57% OFF = $56│If you don't have one of these, take advantage of the sale and buy one! This is one of the best purchases as a mama/ wife. It makes dinner and cooking meals so fast and easy!

Nespresso Coffee Maker 45% OFF = $100│This is an amazing deal. I'm in the market for a new coffee maker and I currently have this in my cart. I'm debating on buying it now or waiting until I can't stand our current one any longer. I've heard great things about this so I wanted to include it if your looking for one!

8 x 10 Area Rug 64% OFF = $57 │You guys! Rugs (especially size 8 x 10) are so dang expensive. This is a MAJOR steal! It's actually similar to the one we have in our living room and we love it. It's soft and colorful enough to hide stains from our messy kids. I would hop on this ASAP!


Outdoor Storage Box 32% OFF = $100 │We have this same one but in brown. We use it for our back porch to store all of Lyrics toys so bugs and dirt don't ruin them. It's so nice to have especially if you have a lot of stuff!

Rope Storage Basket 23% OFF = $20 │We have something very similar to this in our living room. We keep a small amount of Lyric and Lowens toys in it so it doesn't clutter the living room. I saw this for $20 and thought it was a great deal!

I shared a few things above that are in our cart above but I have a few more things that aren't apart of the sale but still good finds! I can't say this enough but I freaking love amazon! I can always find what I'm looking for and I'm never disappointed.

I got a self tanner, which I use all the time and absolutely love. It goes on clear, smells amazing and doesn't leave you streaky. I got Lyric more V-Necks because I love him in them! I also got a makeup bag because mine is so gross from different products spilling + this cute knock off Gucci belt for an outfit I'm planning on wearing. I think it's so cute but I cant spend 1,000 dollar for the real one. haha

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