Gift Guide for Babies

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Ahhh this is probably one of my favorite things to write about because I've found the cutest baby items over the years. I now know what babies like to play with and what is worth spending money on and I also know what isn't. So sit back and relax because I've done all the Christmas shopping for ya! I've found some good deals and this time around I made it easy to click the "Shop Now" button to buy straight from this post!

I must also add, I always wanted to be one of those cute moms with all the wooden toys but let be real, thats not very ideal when it comes to kids. For one, they like color and textures and for two, why would I spend $50 on wood blocks when I can pay $10 for plastic? So, long story short... I'm not a cute wooden toy mom. Instead I have all the colors, all the textures and all the plastic. SO ENJOY! :)



I have just about everything I'm listing down below for you. I love every single one of these items and we use them on a daily basis. I would recommend them over and over again. Both my boys love food and I love creating different recipes and purées to expand their palates.


Every year we make the boys a little Christmas eve box. This is something for them to open and get excited about before Christmas morning. We normally get each of them a set of PJ's, a book and some cheap coloring/ toys that will fit in the box. It has been something that is so fun. Here are some of my favorite little PJ sets that are reasonably priced! Kyte Baby is a little on the pricer side BUT they are the best quality, so soft and they stretch which will make these sets last forever.

I hope this helps you get all the Christmas gift ideas for little ones! Sometimes I get stumped on what to get so it helps when I see what other people buy, or what their kids like to play with. Can't wait to see all your little ones with their gifts!

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