The DeYoung Crew is Adding Baby Number Two!

I'm pregnant! Our hearts are just overflowing with happiness, love and excitement. I can't believe we will have another little babe to smother in smooches, give snuggles to and finally complete our family puzzle.

On a different note, we started trying for baby number two and in a few short days I was pregnant. I'm excited to share all the fun details this time around; I'm keepin' it raw, I'm keepin' it real and like always I'm keepin' it embarrassing on my behalf. I'll be dishing out the scoop on how I found out I was pregnant, how I told my husband he will be a father of two, how I broke the news to our family and what were hoping the gender will be! I'm even sharing some behind the scenes pictures of my not-so-perfect insta life! So put those kiddos to bed, pour yourself a glass of wine... (mmmmm wine......I'm really going to miss my wine) get comfy and lets hangout (virtually that is)!

How I Found Out:

The first few weeks of my pregnancy I had no idea I was pregnant, but something just felt "different" with my body. When I got pregnant with Lyric (our first baby) I had absolutely NO symptoms. I still had a period, still had energy, no morning sickness, just living an everyday normal life. The only thing that was a little off was my lack of appetite but I didn't pay it any attention.

This time around was completely opposite. I would wake up in the middle of the night STARVING, I mean so hungry I felt like I hadn't eaten in 5 years. Then one day I woke up and felt so bloated. My belly was protruding so much I couldn't even button my pants, which is very unlike me. As I turned to the side and glanced in the mirror I saw an indent which separated my body from my belly. I noticed this when I was about 15 weeks pregnant with Lyric and at that moment, I just knew I was pregnant. (Check out the photos below to see what I'm talking about).

4/26/18- 8 months PP

9/10/18- 4 weeks pregnant

Although I hadn't missed my period yet I took a test anyways, because like I said, I was pregnant and still had a period with Lyric. I took the first test and a negative appeared right away. I'm not gunna lie, I was feeling pretty bummed. I sat it on the counter, pulled up my pants and as I grabbed the test to toss it in the garbage I noticed a faint plus sign. I waited as it got darker and darker. I was shocked!!! I quickly grabbed another test to confirm. Just as I went to pee on it, Lyric accidentally bumped into me and knocked the test into the old dirty pee water, so that was a bust. I packed up the babe and headed to the grocery store to buy a digital Clearable pregnancy test. (I prefer the manual lines versus the digital but I always like to confirm with the digital.) Right when we got home I ran to the bathroom, babe in tow and after 1 minute of waiting PREGNANT popped up on the screen. I was literally shaking with excitement! Even though your planning to have a baby and you know that it will eventually happen, seeing "PREGNANT" pop up on the screen just gives you the most overwhelming feeling! YOU'RE carrying a little life in you! AHHH! Anyways, This is real life you guys.... Lyric pulling the toilet paper off the roll while I'm trying to test if I'm pregnant.

How I Told My Husband:

I found out I was pregnant on a Monday and our anniversary happened to be that Thursday. So I wanted to wait and surprise him with the news on a day that meant so much to us. Keeping this pregnancy a secret from him for 3 days was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. There were so many moments when we were laying in bed that I just wanted to lean over, give him a big ol' smooch and tell him we were going to have a baby! I also wanted him to know I wasn't just getting fat for no reason, that there was an actual human being made haha! But, I stuck to it and waited until our anniversary.

On our anniversary- My husband came home from work, played with Lyric and as he leaned in and gave me a kiss he told me he had something to give me for our anniversary. My immediate thought was` "Hell ya! this is the perfect opportunity to give him my baby announcement gift without seeming weird". So I told him that I had something for him too. There was a box, with a letter on top. I gave him a little letter to read as I sat beside him holding Lyric.

In the letter I described how blessed I was to live our life together and how much he means to me. At the end of the letter I wrote this:

"13 years ago we started dating and you stole my heart away; 4 years ago we said vows that would forever tie us together and it was one of the best days of my life; 1 year ago we experienced an unconditional love as we welcomed out baby boy into the world. And in 9 months we will meet the baby who will make our family complete."

He immediately looked over at me for confirmation as he lifted the box. Under the box laid this.

He started balling his eyes out, which in turn made me cry and we just sat there hugging and crying tears of happiness. I grabbed his hands and jumped up and down as I yelled "WERE GUNNA HAVE A BABY!" We did a HUGE three way hug as we told Lyric he was going to be a big brother. It was such an amazing and emotional feeling. Later that night after Lyric went to bed, we sat together wondering if the baby was a boy or girl, who they would be and what names we liked.

So, now for the details. I had a shirt made for Lyric that said "little babe" because thats what we always call him and a onesie for the baby that said "littlest babe" which were both made by Simply Adorable. She is very reasonably priced ($9) and extremely patient, kind and was more then willing to create with my vision.

How adorable are these little shoes? So I actually got these for FREE! Yeah you heard that right, FREE! If you read my "How to get pregnant" blog post I share some inside tips of how to get free stuff. These shoes are by Caroline Jade. She has the cutest outfits and Moccs!

Now to the binky! I always wanted Lyric to have cute binkys but he never took to any of them except for Mam..... until I found these! They're called BIBS. The only way to describe them is perfect! They are light weight, easy to hold and the rubber nipple is longer which is perfect for ensuring your babe has a good latch on it! They are so cute too! I plan on buying ALL the BIBS binkys for this baby. Also, They are constantly doing giveaways so head over to their instagram page, give em a follow and enter in a few of them (@bibs_usa).

Clearblue never lets me down. They have been my go to through both pregnancies! To read my full review of their ovulation tests, pregnancy tests and why I love them so much, check out my "How to get pregnant" blog post!

How We Told Our Family:

Ahhh! We were just so excited we could have screamed it from a mountain top! Although we were so happy, we just didn't know how to go about telling our families. Do we send them a "Hey! Guess what?" text. Do we just blurt out "WERE PREGNANT!". Do we have a cookout and casually mention it during an awkward silence? Like, how do people tell their families? Everything either seemed impersonal or awkward. So... I did a little pinterest stalking and got some inspiration. I figured we could have them over for some dinner and top of the night with a fun little cookie. I mean, who doesn't like cookies? For one, Taryn who owns A Peace of Cake by Taryn is simply AMAZING at what she does. Her cookies and cakes are always so beautifully crafted with creative details, she can literally turn your visions into cookies. We actually used her to make our sons first birthday cookies (Lyric's Hole in One Par-tee!) and were blown away! I highly recommend using her for any event or surprise you may have, she even ships!

8 Week Sonogram Appointment:

Today we confirmed how many weeks pregnant I actually am and to my surprise I'm only 8 weeks. I could have sworn I was further along because I'm huge & in all honesty I just feel pregnant. But, they say you show so much faster with your second baby because your body already knows what to do.

These last few weeks have been ROUGH! I've been so nauseas that it's making everyday mom life so much harder. I've been MIA from just about every thing except spending time with family. Luckily, I recently found some remedies that have worked wonders, and I'm back to feeling myself again! Baby is looking big and healthy so far, which makes us so happy.


10 Week Gender Results:

This time around my husband and I are even more excited to find out what the gender of our little babe! This means Lyric will either be getting a baby sister to protect through life or a baby brother to rough house with. Either way were ecstatic to find out what our little addition will be!

So, with that being said I found an amazing product which tests the gender of your baby as early as 10 weeks! GenderSense is a non-invasive, urine-based kit which provides the gender results in minutes. You already know I just had to try it! So stay tuned for our Gender Reveal blog post to find out the results!


If you got to the bottom of this page, thank you for taking the time to read our story and our journey through baby #2! Our little love bug is due May 2019 and we are so excited! I plan on sharing all the details of my pregnancy and the journey it takes me on!

Brittney Deyoung Copyright 2020

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