Bedroom Makeover with some of the best Amazon deals

First I have to start by saying, I love change. Maybe It's because my husband's in the military so I'm used to moving around a lot and always having a new house? I'm not sure, but because my style is constantly changing, I'm always changing our home decor to go along with it. Obviously I have to stick to a small budget because it can get expensive changing your house every few months. haha! My go- to place to look for good deals or "steals" as I like to call it, is Amazon. I love that I can search for the best price, the cutest stuff and read multiple reviews. So, I guess you could call me an Amazon junky. Anyways, the majority of my stuff is from Amazon (how many times can I say Amazon...) but I've found great deals at other stores as well which I'll link for ya!

*This post contains affiliate links, which doesn't mean anything on your end. However, every time you click a link or purchase something from my recommendations it helps my family out in more ways than you know. So, thank you and you're the best!*

Duvet $28│ I wanted something light weight, soft and fluffy. My husband isn't a fan of sleeping under heavy. hot bedding so to find something light weight was priority. THIS IS PERFECT. I promise you will absolutely love Its full look and lightweight feathers. It's a bonus that is super comfortable and fluffy to sleep under. Also, LOOK AT THIS PRICE POINT! I always try to find cheap bedding because I replace it quit often (3 boys in this house if you know what I mean...) and this hits the spot. Amazing quality at an affordable price. We have a King sized bed and the King duvet fit perfect. I wanted an oversized feel to our bedding and I think I achieved it!

Duvet Cover $33│STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND BUY THIS! I'm still in shock that this is only $33. It is the softest, most lightweight, dreamy duvet cover I've ever seen at this price. Normally if your buying a duvet cover that looks and feels like this you're paying well over $100+. So this is a STEAL! I ordered a king in the khaki color and it fits loose on our king duvet which is the way I like it. If you like the loose, oversized look I recommend air drying it so it doesn't shrink (it only takes an hour to air dry fully!)

Sheets $25│I've actually been buying these sheets for years now. I love the look of white sheets on a bed and these don't disappoint. My husband says they feel like heaven and I completely agree. You would never know they were only $25 dollars based on the way they feel. Such a steal and I will continue buying them until I no longer can, haha! Also, they're cheap enough that you don't feel bad replacing them once the white is no longer white!

Accent Pillows $29│If you're looking for accent pillows to go with your pillow covers, this is your buy! They're full and fluffy and a great price!

Accent Pillow Covers $40│These. I mean... have you ever seen more gorgeous pillow covers? I don't think so. I'm obsessing over this look lately so when I came across Woven Nook I felt like they took my pillow visions and brought them to life. I love them so much especially to add some dimension on our bed. The quality of these pillow cases are spot on too. They feel sturdy, thick and made out of great material.

Platform Bed $193│This is such a simple Platform Bed but it also makes a statement as well. I'm really into that earthy, natural "I'm not trying to have a cute house, it's just effortlessly cute" and I feel like this bed frame nailed that look. It doesn't have a headboard which I thought I would hate, but you pile up the cute fluffy pillows and I don't miss having one at all. I've gotten a lot of questions about this and the major one was if our mattress slides. No, no it doesn't. The wood planks which make it a platform bed, had a sticker which allows the mattress to stick in one place and not move around. In all honesty, we haven't stuck our mattress to the bed frame yet and it hasn't been sliding around.

Leesa Mattress $1,705│I have honestly never slept on anything more comfortable in my life. This mattress is literally a dream and I'm all about it. It's also the first king bed we've ever had so of course that's heavenly in itself. If your looking for a new mattress I HIGHLY recommend this. I wish you could come over a sit on mine because you would want one for yourself instantly. haha!

Night Stands $181 (set of 2)│They no longer have these EXACT ones, but I found something similar, just in a lighter color. I love these nightstands and they are nicely priced compared to some I've seen. We've never had night stands with drawers before so these are like a treat for us. We have so much more bedside storage! ha!

Lamp $30│We actually used this lamp when Lyric (our almost 2 year old) was a baby. It was my middle of the night feeding lamp. It's held up amazing and still works like a charm. The best $30 you'll spend right here!

Small Fiddle Leaf $7│I honestly hate Walmart, but I decided to stop in there to get some cheap toddler PJ's and scored these cute fiddle leaf plants. I think they add the perfect pop of color for our nightstands.

Wall Art $66│If I could keep plants alive I'm pretty sure I would be a crazy plant lady. So, instead I'll settle for pretty plant artwork and artificial ones around the house haha. Anyways, I found these cute (set of 3) framed artwork that complete our wall! We already had screws in the wall in those three spots so it worked out PERFECT! These are from target and decently priced.

We just found out we'll be moving in less then a year (again, military) so... be prepared to see another makeover post with all my good deals and steals! I'm sure by then my style for home decor will change and I'll be into something completely different (sorry hubs!). Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, it means the world to me. See ya next time!

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