Creating a cake smash session on a budget!

First of all, MY BABY IS ONE YEARS OLD! Where in the world has time gone? I feel like it was just yesterday that he came flying out (literally). Now he's walking, talking and telling us NO. haha!

This past year has been a dream come true and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect little boy to share it with.

Now, to the fun stuff! I've been looking forward to his cake smash session for a long time now but couldn't come up with a plan or idea to make it affordable. Every bakery I called wanted $50-$100 dollars for a cake and every online boutique wanted $50 for a cake smash outfit. WHAT? I was NOT about to pay that for something I was going to use once. So I got a little creative to make it adorable while still being budget friendly!


I know I'm all about my child eating healthy... blah blah blah but guess what? He's now one years old and after all the falls, bumps, bruises and cries from babyhood I think he deserves some damn cake!

So I purchased the cheapest box of cake I could find (sorry Lyric)- I think it was $2.00 and some buttercream frosting and called it a day! Below are the instructions on how I made his smash cake!


  1. ($4) 2 Boxes of cake mix + whatever ingredients the cake needs

  2. ($2) 1 Jar of buttercream frosting

  3. ($1 w/ coupon) Glittered " 1 " number from hobby lobby

  4. (FREE) Pick some greenery off your front door wreath, don't worry you can put it back when you're done.


  1. Follow the instructions on the back of the cake box on how to make/ bake them. I used a 9'' round cake pan

  2. Once the cakes are cool, find a large round frame to place on top of the cake (kind of like a stencil) take a long sharp knife and cut around the object to get a small round shape of cake

  3. Put icing on top of the first cake, then add the second cake on top

  4. Lightly frost the sides of both cakes together and the top with the buttercream frosting

  5. Add cake toppers!


Bow Tie Outfit: I got this on amazon for $15 and it fits amazing! The bow tie and the suspenders are completely adjustable to fit all sizes! (click link)

Blanket: Found a beach blanket in the closet so we just used that

Balloons: Party city has the balloon for 85 cents and they blow it up for free! we spent less then $5!


Brittney Deyoung Copyright 2020

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