My Favorite Budget-Friendly Home Decor Items

I'm always coming across good finds, awesome deals and must have items so I figured I would create a post every Friday where I can share my most recent purchases, good deals and fun finds with you all! Whether it be home decor, baby products or fashion (as fashionable as a mom of two can be) I'll be dishing out all the good finds!

I'm such a sucker for good deals, so much that I will literally go up and down every aisle in TJ MAXX to find a clearance item that I can make work. I hate paying full price for an item which I'm sure all of us can relate too. It's crazy that I'll spend $6 on a coffee everyday but that $20 dollar basket I'll use for the next 5 years... nope, not until its on sale. haha

Okay, lets get this show on the road!

Target│Run to Target because they are having a major sale on their outdoor furniture. Everything is 50-70% off and it's a price point you can't beat. We recently got a 7 x 10 outdoor rug for $60 which was orignially $130 so I was so happy when I saw it for this cheap. I also fund more (pictured above) for $30, I REPEAT. 30 DOLLARS!

Next, I found this really cute large ceramic bowl for kitchen decor or maybe your dining room table? I could just see this being a fruit bowl, decor for open shelving or a shallow plant pot. It was originally $25 and on sale for $7.48!!

Lastly, I found the CUTEST fish wicker basket which is actually pretty big/ deep and could hold a lot of things. I honestly could see this in a nursery more then anything. It's so adorable. Lets talk about that price... originally $35 and on sale for $10!!!!!! RUN RUN RUN! Go get this for yourself or as a gift. It's so perfect. Thank you Target for making us all broke. hehe

Papasan Chair│I seriously never go to Walmart because I hate it THAT much, but I decided to pop in to grab a few cheap toddler sweat pants for Lyric. Anyways... as I was browsing the aisles I came across this and loved it so much. They had it out on display so I got to see the quality first hand as well as touch it and I was shocked, especially for the price. I came home and started searching for cheaper ones but the quality just didn't match. This is by far the best I've found. I would have bought it but since we will be moving soon I decided to save all my home decor purchases for our next house so we don't have to pack more stuff. So, I'll live by carelessly through you guys in the mean time.

Pom Pom Throw Blanket│Okay seriously, how cute is this for $25? Blankets are so expensive so to find a cute and functional throw for this price point is such a steal!

Macrame Plant Holder│These are so cute and an awesome buy. I was actually thinking of hanging these on our patio and putting our succulents in them. They're so cute!!

Pillow Covers │I used to go to TJ MAXX or Marshalls to find all of my decorative pillows until I discovered the art of pillow covers. I know it may seem silly but I never liked the idea of buying two separate things; a pillow and the pillow cover. So I just always dishes out the $20 for a set of two decorative pillows at a store. Well.... my style is constantly evolving so I was constantly throwing out those pillows to buy new ones depending on the style trend. I finally decided to purchase the pillows and then separate covers and let me just say... my life is changed. You save so much money, you can wash them and most importantly you can change the covers based on your style! These pillow covers from Woven Nook are by far my favorite. They're a little pricy but the quality is amazing so to me, it's worth it. I'm linking a couple more options that are more affordable.

Black and White

Cream Pom Pom

Basket│I think baskets like these are perfect for living room decor. You can use it for blanket storage or even kids toys (which is what we do). I prefer a more sturdy basket like this: Oval Threshold Basket but I think this is a great budget friendly option especially for the size. I wish I was able to link HomeGoods products because they have amazing wicker baskets at an affordable price. I got ours for $30 and its HUGE!

Curtain Rod│I bought this for Lowens nursery and I absolutely love it. I can't say enough good things about this curtain rod. Oh, and the color is gorgeous. It's not that cheap bright colored gold it's more of a brass copper color. I love the modern design the rod has too, so it's basically just all around perfect!

Light Fixture │I've been wanting this for SO long and it's such a good price point for a light fixture. I just cant sacrifice a fan in order to hang it (we like our fans). But, I've seen this styled so many different ways and I love it all!

Vases│$3.99- $7.99- Ikea has some of THE best vases and decorative ceramic pieces to spruce up your house! I'm a huge fan of these because they are so cheap. The same thing at target would be twice as much if not more. Here are a few of my favorites that I have on our coffee bar! Tall Grey VaseTall Light Blue VaseSmall White VaseSet of 3 Vases

5' Faux Fiddle Leaf Tree │I have this exact tree in our sons nursery and I loveeeeee it. It's the cheapest one I've come across for the quality. It's tall, the leaves are full and if you're new to QVC you get an extra $5 off! so the tree comes to about $50. That's amazing considering these exact trees are well over $100! The only downside is it takes forever for them to come in (at least it did for me) They were running a special at the time so the tree wasn't in stock and took a couple months to get to me. However, it looks like this tree is back in stock so you shouldn't have any issues.

Duvet Cover│I'm going to add this to every blog post I create until everyone has one. THIS IS THE BEST PURCHASE EVER. I promise you'll love it and you can thank me later for changing your duvet life. haha. It's so cheap, so soft and lightweight. It's basically perfection. We have it in Khaki and love love love it!

There ya have it! Some of my favorite finds for this Friday! I hope you enjoyed this blog post and some good deals I've discovered along the way! If you're interested in seeing my Friday Favorites please make sure to subscribe at at the bottom of the page. Also, if you purchase any items I would LOVE to see how you styled them in your home so be sure to tag me @brittneydeyoung on Instagram! Love you all and see ya next Friday!

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