My go-to household cleaning products

CLEANING! One of my favorite things to do. No, seriously... I love cleaning. There's just something about a clean house that makes me feel so good inside. I know it may sound strange, but I can promise you I wasn't born this way. haha! Maybe it was my messy toddler, newborn's blowouts or husband who leaves his clothes and shoes all over the house that has molded me to be this way. Who knows?

Anyways, I'm not a huge "all natural" enthusiast but I try to use as many natural products when I can. Here are some of my favorites that leave our house smelling and lookin' like a million bucks!

Grove Collaborative Concentrate│I also love the Grove Collaborative concentrate. I use their glass bottle (shown above) and mix the concentrate with water. I feel like it lasts a long time and is more natural then the Mrs. Meyers. So I go between the two often. I'm a big fan of Grove Collaborative products. They often run deals where if you make a purchase you get items for free.

Mrs. Meyers│I'm basically a lover of everything Mrs. Meyers because the smell is out of the world (in the best way) and I feel like it make ours counters nice and clean. I always buy from Grove Collaborative because it gets delivered to our doorstep and they have more scents then whats in our local grocery store. They have a deal right now (which is when I got a ton of Mrs. Meyers products) where if you make a purchase you get a FREE 5- piece Mrs. Meyers set. I mean, that in itself is worth it. My favorite scents so far are the Basil, Lavender (my husbands favorite) and my new found love of the peony!

Grove Collaborative Stain Remover│This is probably my most used item in our house, especially with a newborn. It's MY FAVORITE THING EVER! I kid you not, this stuff works wonders. I formula feed so you already know those stains are gross, yellow and never come out, until now. Buy this now and thank me later! Ps: I just realized all the products I use are pretty much from Grove Collaborative, haha.

Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap │The best. the best. the best. I just love all their products so of course I use their dish soap too. I honestly will never use another dish soap again. I honestly don't use dish soap very often, but when I do I thoroughly enjoy it because of this smell. I think the Peony might be my new favorite, although my husbands favorite is still Lavender.

Floor Cleaner- Essential Oils│I really like essential oils especially because they're more natural and blah blah blah... you already know the gist. I use a steam mop which all started when Lyric (my oldest babe) started crawling. He was always putting things in his mouth including his hands. So I knew I needed something that didn't have a bunch of chemicals. I started using the mop with just water but hated that my house didn't have that fresh or clean scent after I mopped. I then added lemon essential oil to the water and never turned back. It doesn't ruin our floor, still cleans great, all natural and leaves our house smelling so fresh! I currently use Young Living Essential Oils and love them! I've been using them for about a year now and haven't looked back (especially during allergy season, they saved me!)

Steam Mop │This is the steam mop that we use. It's great for cleaning your floors really well. It's kinda heavy and has a cord that needs to be plugged it so it's not my everyday quick mop. But when I'm deep cleaning the house I like to use this. For my everyday quick mop session I use this Spray Mop which I still put water and my lemon essential oil in.

Room Spray │There's only a couple of smells I really like floating around my house. Well... I take that back. I really only love the smell of clean linen. I think it's fresh, light and well...clean smelling. I cant stand the punch of vanilla or those gross cookie dough scents when I walk into a house (no offense). So I normally go to TJ MAXX and get this amazing linen scent. It's so great and only $3.99 for a big bottle (I wish I could link it). When I can't find that my next go-to is the Mrs. Meyers Peony scent. It has a perfumey smell but still pretty light and refreshing. This is my second go to!

Laundry Detergent- Dropps │ I'm normally not really picky when it comes to laundry detergent. If I didn't have a newborn and toddler I would just buy the cheapest, best smelling stuff I could find. However, with two children with very sensitive and fair skin I always buy the dye free and scent free detergent. I'm not a fan of separating clothes because I'm a mom of two and I don't have that kind of time. So all the clothes get thrown into the washer at the same time. I've tried a few "baby" detergents and felt like our clothes were never clean and always smelt sweaty (thanks to my husband). I started using Dropps almost 6 months ago and have a new found love for them! Although theres no scent, they leave our clothes smelling clean and not sweaty, and actually clean the stains unlike some of the others. I would highly recommend checking them out, especially if your family has sensitive skin like mine!

There ya have it! These are my favorite everyday go-to cleaning products that make our home fresh and clean! I'm always expanding my collection and trying new products, so if you have any other recommendations feel free to throw them my way! Until then, HAPPY CLEANING!

Brittney Deyoung Copyright 2020

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