Small Closet Makeover on A Tight Budget

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

My nesting is in full effect, especially since I'm on light bedrest. All I do is sit here and look at all the things I could be doing around the house to make it more functional and organized (like a newborn is really going to care). Luckily my husband is THE BEST and makes all my random/crazy projects come to life. Heres how this project sprung about: I was laying in bed and happened to glance up at our closet in shock. For one, I can't believe we could even find anything in there. For two, I'm almost positive we don't wear 95% of the clothes hanging up and lastly, well... just take a look for yourself and you'll know what I mean. Like most people, were trying to be more cautious of our budget each month (damn Amazon finds get me every time), especially with a newborn on the way. So, I wanted this space to be CHEAP but also pretty and a lot more functional then it was. I know a lot of people are jumping on the "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo" train and Although I've never watched it, I can only imagine that she talks about throwing useless shit away. Well, thats what were doing over here too! Most of the stuff I used to organize and decorate was just old decor laying around the house, so our total budget spent was kept to a minimum. I linked everything in our closet down below. I also linked the similar items we used that we had laying around the house! This is no million dollar project, but its perfect for our tiny walk in closet. I can actually find things now so thats a plus.


We actually already ended up making some of this money back. We decided to get rid of all the clothes we don't wear and the things we don't use. We've made a total of $75.00 so far and I'm estimating another $100.00 which will put the total cost spent on the closet at $63.00! If you're wondering how I plan on making this money back, its simple. Social Media! I've had so much success with Offerup and Facebook Marketplace when it comes to selling home decor or random items. Then, old clothes I typically take to Playdoes Closet to sell (I normally come out with $100.00 just from them). 

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