$14 Dollar Tree Easter Basket

I'm sure I can speak for every mama out there when I say- OUR KIDS DON'T NEED ANYMORE TOYS! But yet, we find ourselves buying those toys we hate just to see the excitement on their face and that heart warming smile that grins from ear to ear.

I'm what you call the "in-betweener mom". I love seeing my babe get excited about things, but I also don't think toys and gifts define a holiday (aka I don't want a bunch of shit taking up room the house). In all reality, our kids are minimalist. Have you ever noticed the more toys you have the more they don't play with them? It's more of a "Oh look a toy! (**throws it on the ground**) Oh look another toy (*repeats process*)". If you just have a few toys, they stay occupied a lot longer because they don't get overwhelmed by so much. With that being said, the ONLY holiday we don't mind an abundance of toys, is on Christmas. So for birthdays we ask for a donation to his college fund and all the holidays in between I like to get creative in the cheapest way possible.

Everything, I mean EVERYTHING in this basket (including the basket) is from the Dollar Tree. I spent a total of $14 on stuff he will be excited about, use a few times and can be thrown away (example: stickers, coloring book, learning books, bath bombs, etc.)

1. Coloring & Learning Books with Crayons

Lyric loves to color so I thought this Disney coloring book with all the Mickey Mouse characters was the perfect basket stuffer. I also snagged this cool color learning book. Each page has a different color to learn with the stickers to match. I thought this would be a fun color learning project for us to do together!

2. Coloring Paint Set

As you can tell, our babe prefers to do activities versus playing with toys. This is such a fun little Easter painting activity to do right after egg pickin'.

3. Bug Catcher Kit

THIS IS EVERYTHING. Lyric loves playing outside and is constantly finding acorns, sticks and bugs. He is going to have a field day with this one!

4. Grow Creatures

I always love watching these things grow when soaked in water so I figured Lyric would love them too. His imagination is blow away by the simplest things, so this will be fun!

6. Mickey Mouse Stickers

For one, every kid loves them some Disney characters. And for two, its stickers!!!!! He recently discovered how cool stickers are, so I get a blank piece of paper and let him go to town placing them all over the place.

7. Bath Bomb

We previously purchased bath coloring tablets that change the water different colors and he loves them. So I though this bath bomb, which fizzles and changes color would light up his face!

8. Egg- Shaped Chalk

We haven't explored with chalk very much, but this boy loves being outside so I think this will be fun for him to do. Plus its so cute for Easter!!!

9. Chocolate Bunny

Okay, an Easter basket isn't complete without some kind of unhealthy aspect. We got a chocolate bunny because Lyric loves chocolate and I think he'll find the bunny to be cool!

10. Easter Eggs

I found these cool metallic looking eggs that I stuffed with Yogies (Yogurt Melts). I always loved opening up eggs when I was younger, so I know Lyric will be fascinated with it!

11. Easter Grass

I used this stuff to put in between each item and fluff up the basket a little more. I thought this was a fun way to add some color and sparkle!

12. Basket

I'm so in love with all the plastic bin/ basket options at the dollar tree. They have so many uses even after the holidays. We will most likely repurpose this as a storage basket for outdoor toys!

I hope you are inspired to create a fun Easter basket for your little one without breaking the bank! This is a added bonus if you have more then one child because things can add up quickly. I love making and putting together inexpensive, space saving projects/ goodies for Lyric. Seeing him light up melts my heart and makes my day!

Brittney Deyoung Copyright 2020

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