Simple Easter Basket Ideas

Wow, I feel like I just wrote a blog post about our Easter Baskets yesterday. Except that was last year and I was stuck in the hospital about to give birth to our youngest babe, Lowen! It's so crazy how fast time goes by especially when you have kids. They keep you really busy and cloud your mind (aka mom brain) so you never know what day/ month/ year it is. hehe!

I normally like to keep their holiday baskets super simple and budget friendly because I hate having an abundance of toys that never get played with. I like to fill their baskets with coloring books, activity packs and hands on crafts that we can do together!

Since Lowen is still young and doesn't understand holidays or boundaries (he thinks everything is his hehe) I decided to put their Easter items in one basket to make it easier!


I can't stop swooning over these Cuddle and Kind dolls. They are seriously so perfect, hand-knitted and with every doll sold they give 10 meals to children in need. We got Sebastian the Lamb and Avery the Lamb. They are a little pricey but these are dolls that will last you're babes a life time. I just think these dolls can be passed down and savored forever.

Matching PJs!!!! For one, I absolutely love gifting PJ's for the boys because we love lounging around the house in comfy clothes. And second, I adore the boys in matching clothes. I think it's so precious. Anyways I scored these cute Dinosaur PJs at Walmart for $5!


We got all of these at the dollar tree for $1 each. They're so perfect for those crafty days or even taking it with you to travel/ going out to eat!

I saw these at the dollar store for $1 each as well. I thought they were so cute and had to get them for Lyric!


No Easter basket would be complete with out some snacks! These are Lowens favorite and he gets so excited when he sees the bag haha!

THESE ARE MY FAVORITE! I absolutely love them. We put them on Lowen when he eats dinner so he doesn't make a huge mess and it works like a charm every time. I found this at Walmart for $3.95 which is a great price!

Remember, you don't have to be super mom or send all of your life savings in order to put together a cute holiday gift basket. It's more about spending time with your family, creating memories with your kids and getting things you can do with them such as crafts. I promise your kids wont remember the specific item and in all reality it will be pushed to the side a few days from now. So, be thoughtful while staying in a reasonable budget! I hope this gives you some ideas and inspires you to create a simple but fun Easter Basket for your littles! Again, if you make a basket I would love to see your finished product so be sure to tag me on Instagram (@brittneydeyoung)


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