5 Easy Hacks Every Mama Should Know

If there's one thing I love it's a good mom hack. Anything and everything to make my life a little easier is winning in my book. I don't put much thought into my every day hacks that I just naturally do, until it gets brought to my attention. A friend of mine recently commented "how genius is that?" and I thought... Yeah it is pretty cool... maybe I should share it with you guys! So I put together my top 5 easy mom hacks I use on an everyday basis to make life a little more do-able with kids.

1. Dollar store car bin AKA "oh shit bin"│This is a life savor. I truly, honestly, whole heartedly, mean it. This has saved us SO many times in SO many different situations. I came up with this idea when we went out for a quick trip to the store with our son, Lyric. Well... that quick trip turned into an hour and he needed all the things. A diaper change, snacks, snacks and oh! did I mention he was screaming for snacks? Well I had nothing. I even went to the car all frantic scouring for any little thing I could feed him. I thought "there has to be a diaper or snack stuck somewhere in the car. Nope, there was nothing. LIGHT BULB! "We need to have a bag full of stuff to keep in the car that we can access at all times." I went to the dollar store to find a cute tote and left with a little plastic bin for $1. I put wipes, diapers, snacks, hand wipes, water bottles and now that we have a newborn I keep a can of formula and jug of nursery water. THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. I promise. You will never have another "OH SHIT WE DON'T HAVE SNACKS!" again.

2. IKEA frother to stir formula│This came about when we moved into our home. We got this frother for $2.99 at Ikea to make fancy coffee with the frothy-ness on top. Well... four months into motherhood and shaking bottles like a shake weight commercial we decided to try our frother to see how it worked. Like a charm, it worked like a charm. There were no clumps of formula left at the bottom of the bottle and my arm was no longer falling off.

3. Essential oils in a steam mop│This may be old news to the majority of you since the whole essential oil craze, but I seriously love mopping with essential oils. I started doing this when Lyric started to crawl. He was always crawling on the wood floors while chewing on his hands. non-stop. At the time I was using Pine-Sol floor cleaner and thought to myself "that cant be good to stick in your mouth". So I started using plain water but I was craving a scent, a smell, something that made our house smell clean. Walla! Essential oils are perfect, natural and smell amazing! I add a couple drops to the water in my mop and go to town.

4. Mio in your childs water│You know the days where your child decides to boycott all the things? Like, food and water? Well... I have a water solution that we do every once in awhile and works wonders. We're not big on giving Lyric juice, instead we fill his cup with water and do a TINY squirt of the berry Mio, which is purple. It's just enough to change his water a different color so he thinks he's drinking juice and gives it a little flavor. We prefer this because it's 99% water, no sugar and zero everything. Obviously, ask your pediatrician before doing so and I recommend staying away from the the electrolyte/energy Mio flavors.

5. Cycle through toys │This is a big must do if you want to keep your child occupied at all times and not get bored. First of all, kids get bored so easily and they don't have very long attention span. If you have more toys then they know what to do with, you'll see them taking a toy out, throwing it on the ground and repeating that process because they're overwhelmed with so many. Having a small basket with a few toys they can play with at a time is the best, so put all the other toys in a bin and store it in the closet. Each week bring new toys from the bin out for them to play with a rotate the old toys back in the bin. This is a great way to keep everything new and fresh for them. Works like a charm. You can also do cheap, sensory projects to keep their mind running and hands busy! Check out my other blog posts Sensory play for all ages & Cheap crafts to keep your toddler busy for more ideas!

Thanks for reading and like always I appreciate your support, it means the world to me! If you have any hacks to make mom life a little easier I would love to hear them! I'm always down to try new things and make my life easy (ish) haha! Love you all!

Brittney Deyoung Copyright 2020

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