My Favorite Comfortable and Affordable Fashion Finds

Welcome back to my Friday Favorites! This week I wanted to share my favorite affordable fashion finds with you all. I'm not going to lie, as a mom with two kids I can barely remember to brush my teeth let alone get out of the house to shop for myself. So, I mostly rely on Amazon Prime and online shopping when it comes to my wardrobe. Of course it wouldn't be a proper blog post unless I added the word CHEAP! I'm a sucker for good deals and cheap finds. So grab a glass of wine and lets go shopping because all these looks are under $25, well except two, but what a dollar? ;p

Leopard Jumpsuit $24

I just bought this a couple days ago and I'm in LOVE! This jumpsuit is so casual, breathable and comfy but can also be dressed up for date nights. Leopard print is total making a style comeback so I just had to have it!

Leopard Dress $25

This is currently in my Amazon cart and will most likely be purchasing with my next Amazon haul! I love it so much. This is another outfit that can be dressed up or left casual!

Light Blue Dress $18

I wore this when I was pregnant with Lowen. I'm wearing a small and it was still a little big but it fit my bump perfectly! It's actually not labeled as a maternity dress but you can definitely wear it as one! It's stretchy, soft and can be worn pregnant or not! Well worth $18 especially because it has multiple uses! They also have this same dress but instead of long sleeves it has short which is great for summer time, Short Sleeve Light Blue Dress.

Green Button Dress $20

My all time favorite dress! So cute for summer time because its light, long enough to chase kids without your butt hanging out and it gives you proper boob coverage! OH, and it has pockets! I loooooveeeee a cute dress with hidden pockets! Just a heads up the buttons are not functional and are only for looks!

Pocket Maxi Dress $24

I have these in two different colors and I love them. This dress made me feel comfortable in my own skin weeks after having a baby. It's flowy, doesn't hug your stomach and it has hidden pockets. This is one of my summer favorites!

Lace Kimono $16

This cheap lace kimono is perfect for so many different reasons. I used it to take pictures of my bump and also as a pool/ beach cover up.

Lace Bralette $22

This bralette is probably one of my most frequently asked questions. I got it from Vici Dolls, its really affordable, its padded and I love it! I'm wearing a small and it's comfortable with a little stretch to it.

Over Sized T-Shirt $7

I posted this awhile back but go to your local Walmart and snag a few of these shirts. They are light weight, really cheap and I love the casual look they give with a bralette underneath. I sized up and bought a Medium so I could achieve that loose, oversized casual look.

Lace Blouse $7

This is so cute! A friend of mine wore this over a dress for a party and it was adorable. I couldn't believe how cheap it was considering it looked beautiful on.

High Waisted Fringe Jeans $26

I am currently on a a email list to be notified when these are available. I'M OBSESSED WITH THESE and the price is great. The fringe style is really starting to make a statement and I'm all about it. Snag you some of these because they're perfection.

High Waisted Flare Jeans $26

Another thing I'm currently on the email list for. I love these as well because I feel like skinny jeans are slowly starting to fade, and fringe and flare are finally making their statement. Can't wait to get a pair!

Sandals $8

For $8 these are so dang cute especially for summer! All the reviews say the pictures don't do them justice, so I will be purchasing them with the jeans from above!

Summer Vibes Beach Hat $10

I've been wanting a hat like this FOREVER now. I think it's perfect for those beach days or even pool days! I love the oversized look to protect your face from the sun, plus it's so cute.

Dupe Gucci Belt $11

I'm still waiting for this order to come in the mail so I'm unsure of the quality. I just wanted a dupe belt to wear with a pair of jeans, a skirt or oversized dress! I love this one and how you can choose different sizes for the belt thickness. I'll have to update you on what I think but it's a steal for $11!

Womens Sunnies $15

I love these so much and I thought they were a great deal for $15! I don't like spending a lot on sunglasses because I either loose them, or my toddler stretches them out haha. I'm always trying to find stylish, cute and affordable sunglasses that don't look cheap.

Initial Charm Bracelet $10

I have something similar to this, except it says LLD which are both of my boys initials. It's from a company called Rellery which I would recommend 100x over again because their pieces are beautiful and sentimental. However for this post I wanted to find affordable pieces and this is just that. I love that it's dainty, gold and you can get an initial!

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to read my blog post, it honestly means the world to me! I hope you enjoyed this and if you happen to purchase anything from this post, make sure to tag me on Instagram@brittneydeyoung so I can see how you styled it! I would love to share different ways to style these with my followers!

I have also linked some of my favorite bloggers who have the BEST style, so feel free to check out their fashion finds as well!





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