Picking the perfect stroller for your growing family


As most of you may know, we welcomed our second baby boy into this world a couple months ago (27 days to be exact but who's counting). Since then we've been rockin' the same single stroller we originally bought for Lyric- our first born. Well let me tell ya, It's been a rough couple of months battling a wild toddler running off while our newborn was snug in the stroller. I knew it was about time we invested in a double stroller but I just couldn't pull the trigger on a specific one. I wanted something reliable, affordable, easy to use and versatile with multiple functions. OH! And a cup holder. I know that last request may seem silly but our last stroller didn't have a cup holder and it made our nightly walks less enjoyable.

But anyways, while on my search for the perfect stroller it got me thinking... as a first time mom I was never thinking about the future, meaning I never thought of getting a stroller versatile enough for future children. Instead I was just caught up in the now. Well here we are two years later with two kids that need to have a spot in the stroller and our fancy $1,000 stroller is now useless. Needless to say I wish I would have gotten something that does it all.

My search brought me to the Graco Modes2Grow Travel System. I love this stroller for multiple reasons (which I'll go over) but most importantly because I will never need another stroller again. It's ultimately four strollers in one because It has infant car seat carrier which locks into the stroller, an infant bassinet, a toddler seat/stroller, and double stroller.

Okay, enough of me babbling... just see for yourself!

So the first part I want to touch base on is the carseat itself. It's lightweight, easy to install and the fabric has a nice "wipeable" feel to it. I love that you can easily take it from the car to the stroller with a simple click. It's perfect for quick trips or long strolls and I love that It has a large storage basket underneath.

The toddler seat fully reclines, has a snack tray with cup holders which is removable and has the option to be rear or forward facing. It also comes with a UV50 canopy which provides coverage and sun protection, which is SO needed here in Florida. One more thing, which is one of my favorite feature the stroller has to offer. The toddler seat also converts into an infant bassinet, how cool is that! Most strollers I've researched (including our last one) required you to spend additional money in order to get a bassinet, which was a separate piece I might add. So, I love that fact that the Graco Mode2Grow Travel System has the ability to convert to one without having multiple attachments and pieces.

As a mama of two, the sight of a double stroller gets me so excited. I never thought having two kids contained in one spot would make me so happy, but boy oh boy it does! I love this because I'm able to put Lowen (our newborn) rear facing towards us in the carseat and Lyric (our toddler) on the bottom. As Lowen gets older we'll be able to do away with the carseat and add the toddler seat in its place. The adapters are really easy to navigate and have a button you push which allows them to be flipped from the infant adaptor to toddler adaptor. In all honesty, I was presently shocked at how much room our toddler had while sitting in the stroller. I thought he would be cramped up but instead he was able to stretch his legs out and had plenty of room where his head sits. Both boys love our nightly walks in this stroller and so does this mama!

I never realized how important the small things were in regards to a stroller. For instance, you wouldn't think having a cup holder would be a big deal, but it totally is! All the small features on the Graco Modes2Grow Travel System make it so amazing because of their attention to detail that make strollin' so much more enjoyable. So, here are some fun things I love about the stroller that make mommin' and daddin' a little easier.

Snack Tray

This is one of my favorite features. My toddler is a snack monster and I truly mean it. So having a place to put his snacks and drinks have been heaven sent! I absolutely love it!

Removable Cup Holder

YAY! Another one of my favorite things EVER! It should be illegal to make a stroller without a cup holder because we were struggling for so long with our last one. We had to buy EVERY single attachment we wanted and I'm sorry but after we dropped 1,000 dollars on a stroller I refused to purchase anything else for it. I'm so incredibly happy this stroller comes with a cup holder ( and a big one at that! ).

Extra-Large Storage Basket

I've honestly never seen a storage basket this big. I've always struggled to get my big diaper bag in and out of my other stroller; but with the Graco Modes2Grow Travel System you have easy-access so I no longer have to pull and tug to get my bag out and the basket is plenty big so I can store a ton!

Parent Tray with 2 Covered Compartments

This! This is amazing. I've never had my own compartment in a stroller so I feel like I'm living luxurious with the Graco Mode2Grow Travel System. I can put my phone, keys and even hide my very own snacks from my kids in it! I mean.... does it get any better? They're easy to open and close and are deep enough to store plenty of things.

Easy One-Hand Standing Fold

This is awesome because it works with or without the front seat on the frame which is so convenient because I don't have to continuously remove the seat every time. I can do this one handed and I love that the handle is easy to grip so it feels comfortable when folding/ unfolding the stroller unlike some.

Simple Wheel Lock/ Unlock

With a simple push of your foot you can lock and unlock the stroller wheels to prevent it from moving. This is especially helpful when your loading or unloading the stroller, going hands-free for a few seconds or stopping at your destination.

A couple other features I can't forget to mention is that it meets Disney size requirements and holds children up to 50 lbs! I hope this post helps the parents-to-be, parents of two, or if you're just looking for a new stroller with all the bells and whistles. I'm so happy I found this stroller and all the features it comes with. The Graco Modes2Grow Travel System retails for $379.99 and comes with everything pictured. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out, I would love to chat!

Brittney Deyoung Copyright 2020

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