My top must have baby items that will grow with your family

Updated: Oct 23, 2019


Expecting a new baby can be overwhelming especially with so many new products coming to the market. Some of them can be unnecessary, not practical or not functional for your family. So the question is how do you know what to buy and what not to buy? Well... I'm here to make it a little easier for you. Graco, the brand we all know and love created a registry collection for all your baby must haves. These are all the items that you know you're going to need and the items your baby will love. Take it from me, they are both functional and practical while still being budget friendly, which is a win in my book! The best part about the Graco Registry Collection is that the majority of these items will grow with your baby, so it's a one stop shop. You no longer have to dish out a ton of money every time your baby hits a new milestone or gains a few pounds. Okay enough chit chatting lets go over some of my favorite must haves.

Sense2Soothe Swing

As a second time mama I never knew the importance of a good swing. Our first baby, Lyric was so content lounging around where ever he was last placed so I never really had to put much thought into it. However, I'm well aware now that the majority of babies are not that easy. We now have a 5 month old named Lowen and let me tell ya, he is completely different than his brother. I always call him my lovey boy because he just wants to be held ALL.THE.TIME. We actually went through 3 different swings and he hated them all. We finally just came to terms that holding him 24/7 was the only way to keep him calm. Don't get me wrong I love holding my baby but it gets exhausting especially when you cant't get anything else done. Well... I heard about the Sense2Soothe Swing by Graco and decided to give the swing one more shot because it had all the functions I thought he would like plus a ton of other things!

You guys, I cannot stress how thankful I am that Graco created this swing because I now have my arms and sanity back, haha. On a serious note, I'm here to tell you that this is by far the best swing we have ever had. I promise. My husband and I were actually shocked when we first put Lowen down and he was instantly calmed in it. It will probably take a minute to find the settings that work best for your baby because they have so many options which is great. Since that first day we've become so comfortable with the swing settings and now we know exactly which settings he prefers which I'll post down below. The majority of the time he falls asleep the minute he lays down in it or is just so content playing and staring at the little mobile.

So, I figured I would tell you all the options/ features you have to choose from when it comes to soothing your babe. It has eight soothing motions, three different speeds & reclining positions, two different vibration settings and fifteen sound tracks. It seriously has everything. However, my favorite part is the cry detection technology. The swing listens to your babies cries and automatically adjust the settings until your baby calms down! How cool is that? You can also remove the seat from the base and take it with you around the house. If you have a baby that likes to keep eyes on you at all times like mine, this is for you! We've been using this swing for a while now and I couldn't be happier. Lowen loves this swing so much and we've learned the settings that fit him the best. He snuggles up in it while I'm able to chase around our busy toddler.

Floor2Table 7-in-1 Highchair

Wow! Thats all I have to say about this highchair. It has every feature and every function you can possibly imagine coming from one product. My son is only four months old and we've been using it with the infant insert which fits him perfectly snug. He loves being able to sit up, look around and join us at the dinner table. We recently started introducing foods and this highchair has made those messy baby feedings so easy. We're currently using it as a highchair but it also has 7 different ways you can use it as your baby grows.

I have attached an image below of all the different ways the highchair can be used throughout life and as your baby grows. We will honestly never have to buy a booster seat, floor seat, travel seat or kids table because this has it all! I would highly recommend this especially because I feel like this is the best bang for your buck.

Pack 'n Play Newborn2Toddler Playard

I'm actually really picky when it comes to pack 'n plays because I noticed some of them are really hard to put together and breakdown. Normally when I'm using one it's because we're on the go or staying somewhere that doesn't have a crib. The last thing I want is to be messing with 100 different pieces trying to put it all together like a puzzle. I will say the Newborn2Toddler Playard is really simple and easy to set up and breakdown which makes me so happy. It's actually great that we got this second pack n play because every time we travel with both babes our toddler, Lyric has to sleep in bed with us while our 4 month old, Lowen sleeps in the pack n play. So as you can imagine my husband and I are ecstatic to have another pack n play that is not only easy to use and functional but also something that can grow with both boys. The great thing about this is it has 7 different ways to use it, so you ultimately don't need anything else. The Newborn2Toddler Playard converts from a bassinet to a toddler cot so easily and also has multiple uses like the care station which we use for diaper changes, a portable napper so Lowen can go outside and nap while we can still keep an eye on him and a travel bassinet which is amazing since were always on the go!

Modes2Grow Stroller

I love this stroller so much that I could honestly go on and on and on talking about it. We've been using it for just about 3 months now and have no complaints. There's so many features that work perfect for using it as a single stroller or double. Since we have two kids we use the double stroller feature the most and both babes have plenty of room, it's sturdy, fits into Disney World and is easy to use. I wrote an entire blog post all about this stroller and all the things I love about it. I included so many pictures that I personally took so you can see exactly how everything works for the every day mama.

Click Here to read my full review on the Graco Modes2Grow Stroller

Overall I would highly recommend every product in the new Graco Registry Collection. I can honestly say I've tried every item and would buy them over and over again because thats how much we love them. All the items are practical, easy to use, affordable and grow with your babies so you're not wasting money on multiple products. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or want to know more about how we use them in our everyday life!

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