I've spent MONTHS planning this party, mostly because I knew we were going to be spending a million dollars and I wanted to prepare our bank account. haha! But let's be honest, this is mostly just a party for the parents to celebrate life of their babe, drown your sorrows in drinks and have a guilt free reason to eat all of the treats because.... well... the baby can't (wait, am I suppose to say toddler now because he's one? I CANT. I just can't do that yet). Anyways I'm excited to share all my creative golf inspired crafts (with the help of my husband as the creator to all my weird projects) for our baby boys HOLE IN ONE PAR-TEE!

A little back story for why we choose the hole in one theme; my husband loves to golf & practices with Lyric almost everyday. They're both obsessed with it! The end. Hehe


Brick Board- I got an old piece of cardboard that my mom was throwing out and I ordered peel and stick brick contact paper from amazon- BUY HERE. My husband added some hooks to the back and hung it with the screws that were already on the wall. SUPER EASY! 

Pictures- I ordered our pictures from Printiki. I chose to do the small retro prints to fit on the board. You can even add writing to the bottom of the pictures like a Polaroid which I think it added a cool touch. I got the wooden paperclips from Hobby Lobby and added twine to attach the paperclips and picture to!


Turf- We got the green astroturf from OLLIES bargain outlet for $25. We cut it the in half (used the other half for the actual putting green) and nailed it to the wall. 

Letters- Walmart has these wooden letter for 1.97 each. We just hot glued it to the turf, so easy!


BALLOONS- I ordered a pack of 200 balloons from amazon because I found them to be so much cheaper to buy them in bulk then from a party store. This was extremely easy! My husband and I blew each balloon up to a different size to add some dimension to our arch.

Balloon Arch- I ordered this arch from amazon as well. This was extremely easy! All we had to do was add the blown up balloons in each hole. It held the entire day and was very budget friendly!


My husbands favorite sport is... well you guessed it, GOLF! So, it only made sense to add a putting green to our yard!


(1) 4x8 Pressure treated 5/8" subfloor

(4) 12 ft Pressure treated 2x6

(1) 4x8 Roll of turf

Liquid nail



Cake & Smash Cake- You know how hard it is to find a cute cake that isnt 500 dollars? Well let me tell ya', its VERY hard. I didnt want to spend a lot of money but I still wanted something unique and different. I wanted something whimsical all while sticking to the theme of his birthday. We decided to go with a fairway, bunkers and grass around the sides. I liked the simplicity of the cake while still incorporating golf in the mix! It was a pleasure working with AUD Cakes, she was so personable, reliable and reasonably priced! 

ONE Cake Topper- I'm sure there are better options out there, but I ordered this semi- last minute and I needed that PRIME shipping so.....

"1" Smash Cake Topper- Hobby lobby 40% off! paid $1.00!

Cookies- SO, continuing with my budget talk... the same applied to the cookies. I decided to try and make my own to save on some money which didn't turn out the best, it's a lot harder then it looks!

So....A friend of mine told me about A Peace of Cake by Taryn and with only 5 days until his party I sent her a desperate message hoping she would be able to make some cookies for Lyrics party. She totally worked with the time frame with no hesitation and had great prices! When I got the cookies I was in shock! She literally took my vision and brought it to life, she did an AMAZING job and I am definitely hiring her for every event we have involving sweets! She even offers delivery to certain locations! Thank you Taryn for saving the cookie day!

Cookie Stickers- These personalized stickers add the perfect touch to the back of our cookie bags! I'm a sucker for details and these definitely give detail!

Donut Sand Traps- Used Sugar in the raw to act as "sand" and powdered sugar donut holes to resemble golf balls. A cheap and a creative treat!

Clear Picture Frames- The best dollar store find! literally $1.00 and they add the perfect touch especially because I love showing off his cake smash pictures. I used the 4x 6 frames linked! But seriously, how perfect is this? Him shoving a cake in his mouth by the cake? YES!


Golf Ball Sippy Cups- HOW STINKIN' CUTE ARE THESE!!!!! Found them on eBay and couldn't pass them up! I figured this would be a cute cup for the kiddos to drink out of and a perfect gift to take home afterwards!

Baby Golf Clubs & Balls- I'm so happy I bought these because this is Lyrics favorite toy...EVER! They come with three clubs and 3 balls which are light weight and small enough for babies to use. Plus they're only $3 so you can't beat that! Each baby gets to take a set home with them as a gift!

Kids Golf Bag & Clubs- I actually got these at Hobby Lobby as they were clearing out their summer toys. I scored each bag for $2! I actually found similar ones at Walmart for $5 which is still a great price. Each "big" kid gets to take a bag home with them as a gift!


Golf Club Straws- I came across this on amazon and was amazed! How cool are these straws that look exactly like golf clubs? I just had to have them. They add such a cute detail to the bar area.

Water Labels- Love these and they added another little detail to the bar! Plus, they were so durable, lasted the whole time in the fridge and in the ice bucket!

Hanging Golf Balls- I bought these hanging lantern things from amazon, printed "Titleist" , taped the sign on the lantern and hung them as if they were golf balls. Saw this on Pinterest and had to do it!


Food Signs- These were pictures frames I purchased from Dollar Tree 4 years ago (I used them for our table numbers at our wedding). Spray painted them gold and added a silver construction paper insert with golf inspired stickers from Hobby Lobby. I wrote on the glass of the frames with permanent marker based on our food items/theme. I use these picture frames for EVERY party I throw and I just switch out the paper inserts. SO CHEAP!

Napkins- I got these napkins from a local party store by my house. They had a whole entire section for sport party themes. 

All Natural Wooden Plates- Love these plates. I buy them for every gathering we have! The look is so natural/ woodsy and they are very durable.

All Natural Wooden Forks- Of course I had to get the matching forks!


Brittney Deyoung Copyright 2020

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