What's in my Hospital Bag

Only a few weeks left until our baby boy's arrival and were all packed and ready to go! I know I've said it multiple times, but I can't believe how fast this pregnancy went by. I'm not going to lie, A part of me is a little sad to let this big ol' belly go because I'm not sure if this will be our last baby. But I also can't wait to kiss him, cuddle him and give him all the love!

If you've been following my journey, I'm sure you've heard me talk about how unnecessary most "hospital bag items" really are and if your new around here, I'll give you the run down. If your having a natural/ vaginal birth your most likely going to spend the last few weeks of pregnancy uncomfortable as shit, you won't be able to sleep through the night and when the baby finally decides to come, it will be at the moment you least expect it. What do I mean by that? I mean, hairy vagina because you've given up on the baby anticipation, greasy hair, panties that most likely have a hint of pee because lets be honest... pee leaks without you even knowing it AND unbrushed teeth. Not to scare you or anything, but this is the reality most people face. In fact, I went through something similar but 110x worse. Read about my first birth experience here. So... that brings me to the hospital bag topic. After pushing a little (or in my case, big) human out of your vagina and realizing that little human is a creation of you and your significant other, nothing else really matters expect your little family. Your so excited that you'll want your baby to be laying on you 24-7 which means, NO SLEEP. You're probably still exhausted from contractions and birth too. So, changing into a cute robe and putting the baby in a cute outfit is the last thing on your mind. I loved being naked, boobies out with my baby on my chest THE.ENTIRE.TIME, double chin and all!

My husband was exhausted from lack of sleep, helping me through the birthing process and just overall excitement for our new baby. Neither him or I touched the hospital bag. I mean, 3 days with no teeth brushing, hair brushing, showering, changing of clothes, NOTHING. The days turned into nights and the nights turned into days, everything was pretty much so fast paced and tiring I couldn't even think about looking cute. My birth was also very long and interesting so I'm sure its not like that for everyone. I decided to ask around and see if the majority of the people used what was in their hospital bag, or if a simplified version was more ideal. Everyone picked a simplified version and the majority of the people said they used the items in their hospital bag on the last day when it was time to get ready to go home.

Incase you missed my previous Blog Post, I created a Hospital Bag Essentials Simplified- check list for you to print out and check off as you get ready for the baby's arrival, so click the link to print it out! I pretty much followed this list with my hospital bag items this time around, but I actually simplified it a little more. Heres what I packed:

Swaddle- Lou Lou and Company〡Onesie- Kate Quinn 〡 Beanie 〡Binky- Bibs 〡Binky Holder

Robe- Amazon 〡Nursing Bra- Target 〡Going Home PJ Dress- Target 〡 Brush 〡Dry Shampoo〡Deodorant- I love Men's deodorant (Husband and I will share) 〡Travel Toothpaste (Husband and I will share) 〡Hair Ties 〡Tooth Brush 〡Body Wash 〡 Unscented Lotion 〡Makeup 〡Phone Charger- (Husband and I will share)

T-Shirt 〡 PJ Pants 〡 Boxers 〡Socks 〡Tooth Brush

Car Seat〡Car Seat Cover 〡Boppy 〡Camera 〡Computer

There is so much more that people will tell you to pack but I can promise you that you will not use the majority of it. It's so nice to have one bag to bring versus the 3 huge bags we had last time. Plus, You need to save some room in your bag because you'll want to take all the remaining hospital items you can (You're paying for it anyways). Such as diapers, wipes, mesh panties, pads, EVERYTHING. I hope this gives you an idea of the things that are necessary and the things that are not. I'm having a C-Section this time around so I feel a little more prepared then I did last time and I'm confident in the items I packed/ didn't pack.


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