Hospital Bag Essentials Simplified- Printable Check List

This is my second go around at this, but let me tell ya- when I was a first time mom I'm pretty sure I packed the entire house just incase I needed something. I packed cute outfits, because lets be honest... PICTURES! I packed lavish slippers, cute newborn outfits and even brought a whole pack of Honest Company diapers because I wanted to be that "organic" mom. This time around will be completely different for me because I actually know the things I needed and the things I didn't even touch.

This is the most realistic hospital list because I'm not going to have a makeup artist on standby wearing my fashionable PJ's with my newly curled hair and my minty fresh breath. Instead, I'll probably still be attached to a catheter peeing in a bag, in the ugly hospital gown with my boobs hanging out, 4 day old greasy hair ( that might still have a slight curl ) and teeth that I haven't brushed since I arrived at the hospital. So... as much as I would love to look "Glamed up" at my hospital stay, its just not realistic. I'll probably still bring a cute outfit just incase the birth gods are with me on this delivery. haha!

I created a check list of all the essentials needed during your hospital stay. Whether you're a first time mom or have done this a couple times, this list is simplified in the most realistic way possible. You're more then welcome to print it out and check off the list as you start packing!

When I was packing my hospital bag I searched high and low for a list. They were all SO long and very detailed. So, a suitcase and duffle bag later we were on our way to the hospital. What I didn't realize as a first time mom is how much stuff the hospital actually provides you with. I was told they would give you everything but I still wanted my own cute stuff. The truth of the matter is.... after you give birth you really don't care about anything but sleep and your baby, so everything else doesn't matter. I loved the hospital gown because I could do skin to skin easier and breastfeed on demand, the socks they provided were great because they were long and had anti- slip gripers at the bottom and I was in so much pain that their pillows seemed to be the comfiest thing ever.


Thats my list simplified! There's so much more you'll need for after the baby is born, but well save that for another post! I hope this helps you organize all your needs and wants for a perfect hospital stay! Feel free to drop a comment and let me know your favorite hospital bag item you brought!  

Brittney Deyoung Copyright 2020

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