How to get pregnant- Preparing emotionally, physically & financially

Updated: Sep 12, 2018


I've never been this open to the world in my entire life. If I love you and I value your relationship to me, then I'm seriously an open book. Other then that I like to keep things private between my little family and I.

Since creating my blog I've been challenged in more ways then I can count, pulled out of my comfort zone a time or two.... (or three... okay maybe more then that) and been exposed to the harsh world of social media. In a way its pretty satisfying because this is me, this is who I am. I poop with my husband standing next to me, I burp out loud because my baby (AKA: toddler) thinks its funny and I don't like to shower because I hate dealing with my hair when I get out. Don't like it? Don't talk to me!

Anyways, the whole reason for that TMI speech was to show how open and transparent I'm willing to be. So that brings me to the beginning of this blog post, WERE TRYING FOR BABY NUMBER TWO!

Before we had Lyric I was the type of person who wanted one baby and be done! I was not interested in having more and heres why... I would always see these parents wrangling in their 3 kids, driving a mini van with sticky snacks stuck on all creves of their clothes and screaming... you can't forget the screaming. I didn't want that to be my life and I never thought that would be my happy. I always wanted one baby I could keep under control, discipline without feeling overwhelmed all while still having nice things. (I'm a little control freak incase you haven't noticed).

Fast forward a few years and heres Lyric! The most chill, easy going, adventure seeking, restaurant loving babe. He's seriously Jon and I in baby form! I couldn't believe how easy motherhood is with him and how much I actually enjoy the things I thought I would hate. Basically, in short, being a mama it's the best freaking feeling in the world! Everyone always says you don't know true love until you've had a baby and I never understood that saying until now. Having him completely changed my world in the most rewarding, loving...uhhh I just wanna squeeze him so hard because I love him so much!

With that being said, we just knew we needed to add one more to the mix! We decided to try right when Lyric turned a year old. I wanted to give my postpartum body enough time to recover and also wanted more one on one time in our relationship and with our little babe. Plus, we definitely want our babies close in age!

Preparing Mentally & Emotionally

With Lyric: Like I said a couple paragraphs ago, I'm a control freak. Everything big that happens in my life needs to have a plan. We specifically planned to get pregnant with Lyric (I actually got pregnant that same day we decided to try, crazy right?) and let me tell ya, it made all the difference in the world. When you and your significant other are on the same page mentally and emotionally it sets the foundation for everything else to fall into place.

We talked about having a baby but we knew we needed to wait until we were in a good secure place. At the time we were renting a house in California and knew we would be moving to Florida soon. It was there that we would be able to buy our first home. I definitely didn't want to move a newborn baby across the country; so we decided to wait until we knew the timeframe of our move. Once that talk was out of the way the next big talk was our relationship. Were best friends, we do EVERYTHING together and I didn't want a baby to change that. We purchased this book: Baby Wise- We both read it and talked about our goals for each other and how we wanted to separate parenthood and our marriage. That book helped wonders and really put everything into perspective.

Baby #2: When ya know you just know... We've been talking about adding a second baby to the mix for awhile now. We have an amazing schedule with Lyric, our marriage has never been better and life as a family of three comes so easy to us. But after my postpartum journey (which was a crazy experience) READ HERE, we decided to let my body fully heal and enjoy the little things in life with our babe. Once he turned one we decided it was time. You know that feeling when something is just missing? You just need one more piece to make your heart overflow with love and your puzzle complete? Thats how we feel. We've had long talks about how we would have date nights together with two kids (I volunteered my mom haha) and how our days would look as a family of four. Needless to say, were praying the next baby is just as easy as Lyric because that would be awesome, not that I'm comparing...buttt..... I'm just saying' if he/she wants to be an angel in the sleep & eating department that would be GREAT!

Preparing: I definielty recommend purchasing the book I discussed above. It's actually a sleep training book, and we used it for that, but it also talks a lot about relationships and how to handle adjustments. It seriously helped us so much! And don't forget to TALK TALK TALK! Talking about what you both expect out of life and out of your relationship is critical during this point in your relationship. Everything changes so much when a baby is brought into your life. They test your boundaries, they test your patience and they definitely test your relationship. Having a baby could break some relationships down and it could build some up. It may seem silly or stupid to discuss all of this with your other half because some may think it should just happen naturally without verbalizing it. But thats not true, we don't read minds and we don't know what others are thinking so creating a healthy talking space is good for you both!

Preparing Physically

It was and still is very important to me to start my pregnancy journey before I'm even pregnant. What I mean by that is, being the best version of myself physically and getting my body prepared for a little jumping bean! Heres some of the products I use on an every day basis that I love!


This is probably the number one thing I make sure I do before getting pregnant. Prenatal vitamins with folic acid is a huge must! They normally say to start taking the vitamins as soon as you find out your pregnant, but recent studies have shown that taking the vitamins prior to getting pregnant sets a good foundation for a healthy mama. Therefore, taking these before conceiving is in fact creating a healthy space for a baby to grow.

My husband and I discovered OLLY awhile back and started taking their everyday multivitamins and probiotics. We absolutely love them. I'm not a huge fan of pills (although I will take them if I have to) which is why I love OLLY so much. You get the combination of sweet but yet they have a little tartness once you start chewing. I've talked to a few mama friends of mine to see which vitamins they prefer and all of them suggest OLLY. Its affordable and yummy! You can purchase them at Target, and lets be honest... everyone loves a good excuse to go to Target!


THIS! I love this. You should actually be taking collagen on a daily basis to to ensure your bones, muscles and skin are aiding in healthy development as you get older. Did you know its one of the most abundant protein in your body? Okay before I get way off track I just wanted to explain a little insight to why I take this. As you get older the amount of collagen in your body starts to decrease, leaving our bones to become more fragile our skin to become thinner and our muscle mass to become weaker. Taking collagen helps build all that back up and fix the gaps that may be weakening because of age. You can take collagen in all different forms, from pills, bone broth or a powder, which is what I do. I take Vital Protiens; they have so many different types and flavors but my favorite is the flavorless Collagen Peptides. I add it to my hot coffee every morning, stir it up and add my coconut milk. I can't taste a thing but I'm still getting all the peptides I need. I found that the travel packs work best for my lifestyle versus the big container. I love how I can grab a packet, pour it in and be done with it. In all reality It's just my version of laziness! Pregnant or not I would look into this and strongly consider some type of collagen in your life! Click here to purchase Vital Protiens- Collagen Peptides


I used these tests religiously when we were trying for Lyric. Although I never got a positive ovulation test because I was already pregnant without knowing, this does help determine the day you ovulate which is the day you are able to conceive your baby. I almost became obsessed with this product. I woke up every morning eager to pee on the stick and get that positive smiley face. I tried a few different ovulation testing kits recently and my favorite is the Clearable Connected Ovulation Test System. They've actually revamped the test from the last time I used them and let me tell ya, it's the coolest thing ever! First let me explain what it does:

  • It tracks 2 unique hormones and connects to your phone via Bluetooth (In todays world this is a must!)

  • It Identifies 4 or more fertile days which is pretty cool. The last time I used ovulation tests was over 2 years ago and they just had either a blank circle (not ovulating) or a smiley face (ovulating). Now, they still have the blank circle if you're not ovulating, but they added a smiley face with lines around it for a high chance of conceiving, and a regular smiley face for the highest chance of conceiving. Which I like a lot.

  • Sends smart reminders based on your personal cycles meaning you download the Clearblue Connected app and it will tell you the day to start testing and you can set personal reminders so you won’t forget.

  • Lastly it helps compare your cycles. So again, you use the Clearblue app to record your period and when you have sex.

This definitely helps (if your not already pregnant, haha!) and I would highly recommend this product if you want to track your ovulation day and increasing your chances for pregnancy. I honestly wasn't going to use it this time around because I didn't want to be engulfed in the ovulation stick like I was last time. However, after spending almost $100 in pregnancy tests this month I decided to use it again to be more persist while trying and better our chances. Also, I know you thinking "$100 on pregnancy tests in one month?" Yeah thats right. I'm crazy and every cramp I feel or if I'm a little more hungry then I was yesterday I think I'm pregnant and I take a test. I try not to be crazy but I just can't help it. In all reality I didn't even have any symptoms that I was pregnant with Lyric until week 11 when my boobs became uncomfortably sore. Anyways, WISH US LUCK for both our bank account and baby makin'!


I also became obsessed with these. I've tried every single brand out there. I peed on one of these every day for a few weeks hoping I would see something positive. Since I've tried almost every brand out there I figured I would share my favorite when it comes to pregnancy tests. Clear Blue- They are my go to when it comes to testing and heres why.

  • They are SO easy to use. They have a extra wide absorbent tip which I personally love. I can't stand putting the little thin ones all the way up my vag just to make sure enough pee is getting absorbed through.

  • They're over 99% accurate. I actually have an interesting story about this. So after taking multiple pregnancy test and all of them coming back positive, I decided to make a doctors appointment to confirm the pregnancy. I peed in a cup and they tested it. My doctor came back in and told Jon and I that I was NOT pregnant. I demanded a blood test be done because all my Clear Blue tests showed that I was. I went home that night feeling so sad; let down in a way. I had so many emotions running through my head and I just couldn't understand why all the tests would show up positive but the doctor was so sure I wasn't. A few days later I got a phone call (right before my husband left on deployment), sure enough, blood work came back and I was pregnant! 6 weeks actually! So, trust your Clear Blue at home pregnancy test before a pee test at the doctors! haha!

  • The handle. This is the best part about these tests. I'm in love with the way you can grip the handle of these tests. It's curved with indentions to specify where your fingers go. While using the pregnancy test, my hand is completely out of the way and once I set it on the counter, it sits completely flat because of the structure of the handle. ITS THE BEST!

  • Okay, last reason. They have an easy + or - to show wether your pregnant or not pregnant. they also have an option for digital test, which I like... but I always find myself breaking the dang thing open to see the manual strip inside!

FUN FACT: I was 6 weeks pregnant with Lyric and still had a regular period. I wouldn't have know I was pregnant if it wasn't for me being obsessed with these tests! If I would have waited until my missed period I would have been 10+ weeks along! How crazy!

Preparing Financially

This is a huge topic to discuss because lets face it, babies are expensive. One day I sat down and looked at our bank account, I mean really looked at every detail of what we were spending. I noticed we would spend so much money on random things, a Starbucks coffee here some take out there.. oh! thats a cute shirt let me buy it. It added up to a lot of money we were spending on things we didn't really need. So we decided to cut all that out of our lives and put that "extra" money towards something our future baby would need. We did the following before having Lyric and were doing the same now.


Every baby is going to need diapers, so we decided to put our money towards that and let me tell ya, it was amazing. Once Lyric was born we had NOTHING to worry about in that department. Lyric is a year old and we just started buying diapers because our stash ran out. Theres so many other things you will need along the way that diapers are the last thing you want to fork out money for. Over the course of a year (before and during my pregnancy) we created a subscription to the Honest Company and had diapers delivered every month along with wipes. We didn't notice that money coming out of our bank account because that was money we would spend on stupid stuff anyways so it actually worked out for us. The pro to this; it saves so much time and doesn't feel like your spending so much money at once when the baby is born. It also gives you time to look for deals and snatch them up when you see them, for example: Target always has deals on diapers. You buy 3 packs and get a $20 gift card which is awesome. For one, you can always use stuff from target and for two, you will need diapers anyways so you might as well take advantage of the deal. The con to this; every baby is different and a certain brand or wipe may not agree with their sensitive skin. We got lucky and Honest Company is the only wipe we can use on Lyric that agrees with his skin. Every other wipe we tried makes his booty raw and red.

Were doing this a tiny bit different this time around. With Lyric, we were very specific in only wanting Honest Company diapers because they were organic and more natural. We also bought a TON of newborn diapers, which we never even used because he was so big when he was born. We actually just skipped straight to size one diapers. In preparation for our next baby were not going to buy newborn diapers incase that situation happens again, but we are still buying diapers! As of now we have a subscription with Parasol Co. because their diapers are the softest thing I've ever felt in my life. We get a box of diapers delivered to our doorstep each month and choose a different diaper size for each box! If you would like to try a sample of their diapers for free, email me and I will have a pack sent out to you! ( Were also buying other brands as I see a sale pop up (besides Huggies.) I will NEVER purchase their products and I won't go into detail why but just do your research before putting their diapers/ wipes on your babies bum!


This applies more if your pregnant but take full advantage of every freebie you can. Enter giveaways on Instagram, check Facebook groups and attended pregnancy/ baby conventions. This gives you the opportunity to try new products without spending a ton of money. (You can subscribe to my blog for insights on some cool giveaways I do for my followers and subscribers as well.) So, funny story I happened to enter in my very first giveaway a few months back. My friend tagged me in the post and I though "ehhh what the hell, I probably won't win anyways" UHHHH I WON!!! It was $200 credit to two shops! I was so happy but as I was looking through the website I realized its only girly stuff and I have a little boy. So, I decided to stock up on some girl clothes incase our next baby is a girl. If not, I will donate them to friends! So trust me, enter the giveaways because you just never know!

Here are some good Instagram giveaway accounts to follow:





If your not into any of the above recommendations then I suggest putting money aside in a separate bank account devoted to your baby. If on average, a pack of diapers cost $35 dollars and you would need a new pack every two weeks I would take that money and put it aside. When the baby gets here you have that account that hasn't been touched with funds for everything the baby will need. I know it seems silly on the grand scheme of things but it really does help. You'll notice the closer you get to delivering the more "nesting" you do and you end up buying everything. This side bank account helps eliminate some of the stress that comes with everything you need at the last minute.

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