How to throw a halloween party on a budget

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with anything and everything from the Dollar Tree, because, well... It's A DOLLAR! They have so many cool decor finds that you can tweak to make it your own, a stockpile of craft ideas and learning materials and not to mention the best place to find party supplies! This time on "what did Brittney find at the Dollar Tree" I'm showing you how I threw a fun-filled halloween party for the kiddos on a small budget all from... you guessed it! THE DOLLAR TREE.

First thing is first, decor. I know kids don't really care about party decor, but I do. I love getting in the spirit and decorate for any occasion. However, that can get really pricey so to find stuff for $1 that I can reuse in the future if I want is right up my alley!

First thing I picked up were these plastic skull hand cups. They remind me so much of a stemless wine glass so we used them for that at the party. They were so cute and everyone loved them. They added a perfect touch to the "spooky-ness".

These plastic eye balls came in a big bag. They remind me of pingpong balls so I just scattered them around the table for decor.

Trick or Treat goodie bags are a must. I didn't want to fill it with a bunch of candy or crap so instead I got things the kids could play with and use for loner then 30 seconds haha!

Each bag includes:

- Slippers

- Glow in the dark spin sticks

- Fruit snacks

- Fruit roll ups

- Reeses (okay, I added a little candy, haha)

I saw this all over Pinterest and thought it was a great idea. These are orange cups I bought at the dollar store. I just drew little faces on them to resemble a carved pumpkin and wallah! A healthy treat that is fun!

To go along with the orange theme I decided to grab some cheese puffs because every kid loves them. The only problem was having sticky orange fingers running around the house!

I can't forget to share our Jell-O brain! This was so fun and the kids went crazy for it! I got this gelatin mold from the Dollar Tree along with some Jell-O packs. I just followed the box instructions and put it in the fridge overnight. This was probably one of my favorite things we did.

So this next part has nothing to do with the Dollar Tree but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share the food we had! Again, I found all these ideas on Pinterest aka: what dreams are made of. Anyways, we got super simple pre-made patties and some cheese. While the cheese slices were still on the paper that separates them, I pulled on off, cut out my desired face (while still on that little paper), peeled it off and added it to the burger. SO easy and so cute!

Next up hotdogs! I wanted to make mummy themed hot dogs because, well... I already had puff pastry and hot dogs are always a kid favorite. I cut my puff pastry into strips. then began wrapping each hotdog. I wrapped the hotdog in puff pastry twice. Once stating at the top, wrapping to the left, then starting at the bottom, wrapping to the right! I saw that you can get really creative and add eyes on them, but I liked the look of these so we left them.

A kids halloween party wouldn't be complete with crafts and making all the fun things plus a big mess hehe. Our first project was a cotton ball Ghost. The idea was to use the glue sticks to glue the cotton balls all over the ghost besides the black parts which were the eyes and mouth. I precut the ghosts and colored the eyes so that was one less step. It ended in everyone coloring their ghost which was still super cute. They had so much fun so that's all that matters!

Also, peep the black table cloth. I bought that at the Dollar Tree to cover our table from food and crafts and it worked perfectly! I balled it up at the end of the night and it's like there was never a mess.

The last craft of the evening was to make slime! Now beware, this is suuuupppperrrrr messy and a part of me wishes we just got pre-made slime, but regardless it was nice to see the kids get so excited to make their own. We just looked up a recipe on Pinterest but ended up tweaking it because it was really sticky. For future reference, If you make slime and it's really sticky, add eye solution. That really helped break it from sticking to our hands (thanks to my brother aka slime expert)!

We had so much fun! I know I'm sharing this post a little late but if you have a Dollar Tree near you I would highly recommend stopping in and doing a little something fun for your babes. Its super cheap and so much fun. They will really enjoy it!

Brittney Deyoung Copyright 2020

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