3 Day- Kitchen Makeover

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Our second little boy will be making his grand entrance in a few weeks, so I've been scrambling to get everything perfect before his arrival. As I was in the kitchen trying to find a spot for his bottles, It dawned on me; we need more space. We're at max compacity in our kitchen with no room for growth, so it was finally time to create more storage. This is such a crazy transformation that was extremely needed. We live in a 1,400 sq ft house so utilizing every inch is really important to us. Being the crazy people that we are, we decided to do a little 3 day kitchen makeover to transform the corner coffee bar space and give us more storage before the baby arrives! Here is the step by step process of our new an improved coffee bar with all the storage you can dream of!

1. We did a lot of research when deciding if we wanted to get cabinets built or if we wanted to buy pre-fabercated cabinets that were ready to go in the color we liked. We agreed on the Ikea- Kitchen Cabinet + Drawers which also came with the countertop. We got both pieces so we could put them together to create one big piece on our long wall. We got both of these for $358.00 total.

The first step was to clear out the old free standing coffee bar, baseboards and shelf. We then started putting the cabinets together, which wasn't hard, just time consuming more than anything. I recommend following the instructions step by step to ensure the proper installation.

2. Our entire kitchen walls are grey and the cabinets are grey so everything looked very blah and boring. I knew it needed something to fill in the space. I love the look of floating shelves but it takes a lot of time and patience to create that look. We were on a strict time schedule and wanted something cheap and easy. We agreed 5ft shelves would look amazing in that space so I got researching. For one, pre-made shelves are EXPENSIVE. So we knew we needed to create our own to keep costs down. What you'll need:

- (1) 2x10x10 pine board: $10 we got this from Lowes, and incase you didn't know they will cut it for you. So we had them cut it down the middle so we were left with 2 5ft boards. We sanded all sides of the board so every thing was nice and smooth.

- (1) can of wood stain: $5 We used the stain color Driftwood from Lowes. We did two coats to achieve this look and were so happy with the end result.

- (1) pack of Rustic Pipes: $26 These are PERFECT! They hold our wood shelves great. We used two per shelf. I would recommend wipping the pipes down before installing because they are oil rubbed. I also recommend getting different screws that are made to hold more weight. We bought dry wall screws that hold 50+ pounds.

-(8) packs of U brackets: $10 Every piece of wood is different and not perfectly straight so we wanted to secure the wood boards on the pipes. We just didn't want them slipping, sliding or being uneven. We used two U brackets for each pipe.

3. Decorate! My favorite part in the world is adding the decor to make the space really come together.

Top Row: Hanging potted plantPlant potBlack vaseSmall ceramic vase

Bottom Row: Ceramic pitcherClear mugsTeal bowlsKitchen towelsTall blue vaseSmall ceramic vaseTeal pot

Brittney Deyoung Copyright 2020

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