Tips and Tricks for creating a bright and inviting kitchen on a budget

3 years ago my husband and I purchased our first home. It wasn't what I had envisioned and to be completely honest I hated everything about it. However, when I first walked in I saw so much potential. I was 7 months pregnant so it wasn't an ideal time to do renovations but we decided to bite the bullet and take on the task! Our kitchen was dark, closed off and outdated. With a few changes, some big and some small, we made it our own. I can't wait to share our tips and tricks for creating a bright and airy atmosphere, how to maximize your kitchen space and the appliances that we love and trust!

Creating a bright and airy atmosphere

This can be done in so many different ways for relatively inexpensive and let me tell ya, it changes the space completely. These are all pretty simple, non-invasive and inexpensive.

Step 1: PAINT! This is such an easy fix that most people look right past. The color of your walls and cabinets can transform a space so incredibly much. Now, depending on the size of your kitchen paint can get pretty pricey but it's a much cheaper alternative! The paint color we chose was 'Silver Cloud' by BEHR MARQUEE® Interior Satin Enamel.

Step 2: Find your source of lighting and highlight it by adding light and bright colors around it. For example; our kitchen has one window which has a huge tree right in front of it. It blocks a ton of light, so I added some shear white curtains to a black curtain rod and it made a huge difference while still looking elegant and fresh.

Step 3: Adding a light colored backsplash in a fun or simple pattern can bring so much texture and really liven up a room. There are so many great options out there that are very budget friendly. We went with a white subway tile and spent roughly $25 to do the entire thing (grout included!).

Step 4: I'm a huge sucker for greenery throughout the house, especially the kitchen. It adds that perfect pop of color that can always be appreciated. Plus, if you decided to get real ones, they're great for purifying the air. Another great option is sprucing up counter tops, and open shelving with decor items. We had so much laying around the house that I couldn't wait to show off. For example, I used the open shelving to display our coffee mugs, colorful bowls, kitchen towels and then filled in the gaps with some fun ceramic vases.

Maximizing your kitchen space

As an owner of a 1,400 sqft house it was almost mandatory to maximize our living spaces anyway we could. We spent the majority of our time in the kitchen so I knew that was the one room we need to spend a little money on to get proper storage solutions. Oh, don't worry! It's all very budget friendly and I'll share all the details with ya!

Our kitchen has very little cabinet space so we decided to get a pre-made counter top/ coffee bar to add into the unused space in our kitchen. It was a different color all the way around but it added something different and fun to the space. I absolutely love it and now we have so much space and storage.

We purchased the base cabinet with doors as well as the base cabinet with drawers (two separate pieces) to fill in the long empty wall. I'll link both of them down below. They were cheap, easy to install and we've had it for over a year now and it's still just as perfect! I highly recommend.

(You can read the full makeover here)

Base Cabinet with Doors $199.00

Base Cabinet with Drawers $132.00

Appliances we love and trust

When renovating our house we wanted to upgrade our appliances without completely breaking the bank. My husband did a ton of research and concluded that Samsung home appliances were by far the best and had affordable options! Just changing our appliances made all the difference in the world when it came to aesthetics (It's also sooooo nice to have new appliances that work amazing!) I'll link the current appliances we have down below so you can check them out for yourselves.

Digital Touch Dishwasher

This is the Dishwasher we have! When we originally bought this we were expecting our first baby, so it was really important to have the hidden digital touch feature and BOY OH BOY am I glad we did that. I could just see it now... my two boys starting the dishwasher every chance they could get haha!

We also love how quite it is compared to our last one because I hate hearing the loud dishwasher in the background! They run sales often so you can normally score it for a good price (Which is always a win in my book!)

Freestanding Electric Range with Convection in Stainless Steel

Okay I wanted to talk about this range because the quality is so amazing, especially for the price. It heats up fast, has the perfect amount of storage space and my favorite part is it steam cleans! I love me a good clean house, appliances included! We got our microwave in a package deal with our range which was an added bonus. I love how Samsung Home Appliances makes it easy for their customers when shopping for the perfect appliance pairs. They also offer two options now, a flat handle or rounded handle. To be completely honest I didn't see that option when searching for appliances so I might have missed it OR the design came out after we purchased ours. We have the rounded handles on everything, but if I could go back I would prefer the flat. I think it would give an extra sleek look especially in our kitchen! Just something to consider!

Over-the-Range Microwave in Stainless Steel

Another great product is our microwave! I'm not a super fancy person (at least not in our first home) so this was the perfect addition! Maybe one day when we're living in our forever home I'll buy a fancy Samsung Microwave (like this one ;p). Honestly, I feel like they make their products to fulfill the best quality, reliability and aesthetic. So I personally don't think you can go "wrong" with any of them!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and I hope it inspires you to liven up your kitchen! You don't necessarily need a large budget in order to make a difference. The little changes you do can make the biggest difference in your kitchen aesthetic and brightness!

If you're intrigued in this, you can check out our complete BEFORE and AFTER home make over (CLICK HERE TO READ)!

Brittney Deyoung Copyright 2020

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