Small Laundry Room Makeover

I think we can all agree that this quarantine has us all going a little stir crazy. I'm pretty sure everyones "honey-do lists" are 10 pages long. We're all just trying to cram every DIY project in while we have the time. Well, I hate to say it but were no exception.

The more I walked pass our laundry room the more I got the itch to redo it. It's recently become a dumping ground for the stuff we need to donate, throw away or relocate to the garage, I can't be the only one right? Our laundry room is also so small and an extremely tight space. With all that in mind I decided looked on Pinterest for some laundry room inspo and was 100% sold. However, we have two kids under 3 years old, a tight budget and not a lot of free time on our hands. I just wanted a little sprucing up without spending $500+ on renovation tools and products.

Thats where our DIY projects come into play! Many of you saw our progress videos on Instagram and were curious about the products we used and how we did our shelving, so here are all the deets!



WALLPAPER BACKSPLASH: $35 each (we bought 2)

I really wanted a fun design for our laundry room, like lemons, subtle floral or watercolor leaves but my husband was totally against it. We're selling our house soon so he wants it to be appealing to all buyers instead of being super specific with a pattern. I totally understand, so we compromised on a white subway tile, just like we have in our kitchen. I actually thought this was a great idea because it ties into our kitchen and it flows so well.

This is a great cheap way to transform a space. You want to make sure you patch existing holes and wipe the wall down so theres no dust or grime. Follow the directions it comes with and you'll be golden. Also keep in mind that no wall is perfectly straight, which makes lining up a pattern a little hard.


Our wall is 8 ft x 5 1/2 ft and we purchased 2 rolls which was a perfect amount with some left over.

I've also linked some similar ones incase you wanted other options!

3D peel and stick wallpaper (10 sheets) - This one is a little more on the pricy side but they will give you more of a real tile look!

Subway tile wallpaper - This is very similar to the one we purchased it's just a different size roll.

Shiplap peel and stick - I love this one and this was going to be our next choice if the subway tile didn't work out. I wanted to include it because it's similar and gives a very simple look just like the subway tile.

BRACKETS: $28 for a pack of 4

I love love love these. They are awesome especially for the price. We have these same exact ones in our kitchen which is why we chose them again. We purchased the 10" ones which fits the wood shelves perfectly. Make sure when you receive them, you take a paper towel or old cloth to clean them because they are full of dark greasy stuff. haha

We screwed the base into a stud in the wall making them super sturdy! Highly recommend these brackets especially if your going for this look.

CONDUIT STRAP: $.78 for a pack of 5

I couldn't find the link through Lowes so I linked the same ones on Amazon! We bought these to screw the brackets into the wood to make sure the shelves were in place with no way to move. If you look really closely you can see them under the wood. They only come in a silver color at Lowes so we just spray painted them black to match (which we already had) . We put one conduit strap on each bracket.

WOOD: 2x10x12 $22.60

We had HomeDepot cut them 58"each which left us with a 4" gap on each side of the wall. We sanded them down to round the edges and then stained them.

MINWAX STAIN: $0 ($17)

We used the color Driftwood which we already had in the garage from doing our kitchen shelves. I love this color and gives such a natural look to the wood.

Lastly, all the decor is items were things we already had! It's crazy how different your decor items can look in a room that is fresh and pretty. I hope you find some inspiration in this post! Just remember you don't have to spend a fortune to have a beautiful and functional space. Sometimes a little cosmetic change can make all the difference.

Brittney Deyoung Copyright 2020

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