How to Battle Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

When you hear of people having "morning sickness" during pregnancy, you think to yourself "dang, that sucks" with no real thought behind it. You will never understand how draining and miserable it can actually be until you go through it yourself.

I experienced it when I became pregnant with my second baby. When I was about 6-7 weeks pregnant I started getting very nauseas at the sight of meat. Whether it was chicken, steak or sausage I wanted to throw up just seeing and smelling it. It gradually increased to the point where I didn't want to eat anything. I was hungry but the thought of food made me sick, almost to the point where you have a stomach bug. Your belly will be growling up a storm but you just can't handle the thought of food.

At this point, I had a one year old who was walking and extremely active. I'm a stay at home mom so keeping him occupied was my number one job. Instead, I would catch myself praying the time would pass so I could put him down for a nap and just lay in bed. I seriously felt like I was dying and going to throw up 24-7 (but never actually did, thank goodness). I felt like a terrible mom because I couldn't give my baby the attention he deserved and felt like I was failing as a wife/ stay at home mom because I couldn't do anything except sit or lay down. Luckily my husband is the most supportive human being and picked up all the pieces when I was falling apart.

I tried SO many things, read so many blogs and asked so many people for insight on how to fight this feeling. I had to really learn my body and what it could handle and what it couldn't in order to beat the all-day- sickness. So, I put together some helpful tips that really made a difference in making me feel more alive and the things that didn't work.

Just keep in mind everyone is different so what may work for me may not always work for you.


1. Crackers: THIS IS KEY TO FEELING BETTER! It's not just about "eating crackers" but it's about how you eat the crackers. I know, I know it sounds silly.... but here me out.

Everyone told me to eat crackers or bread. But to be completely honest, the sound of that just made me want to throw up even more. I would force myself to eat some crackers and I feel semi-decent for a little bit and then I was back to being sick again. It wasn't until the end of my first trimester that I learned what my body needed.

I would keep a package of saline crackers (my favorite type of cracker) on my nightstand with a water. I would wake up first thing in the morning and before sitting up in bed, I would lay there and take a couple bits of a cracker and drink a couple sips of water. I would repeat this until 2 crackers were eaten. Then I would sit up in bed and give my body a minute to adjust (sit on the edge of the bed for 2 minutes). I kid you not, it makes the world of a difference. Then I would set a timer on my phone, and eat 1-2 cracker(s) every 30 minutes while drinking some water. Even if you feel fine, EAT THE CRACKERS. The minute you skip a cracker session, you're doomed.

I know you're probably thinking: how does this work versus just eating the crackers during the day? And in all honesty, I'm not really sure. The only thing I can think of is your beating your nausea before it beats you. By laying in bed and slowly eating the crackers, you're gradually filling your stomach before getting up. If you get up and walk around first, you'll noticed your nausea will hit you out of know where, and then you won't want to eat the crackers because you already feel sick.

But seriously, I had a pack of crackers EVERY WHERE. In the car, on my nightstand, in the living room.... every where. I didn't want to risk being with out a pack, haha.

2. Pregnancy Pops/ Candies: Ya know, I'm not a huge fan of these because in my opinion they are a temporary relief and do nothing for long term feel goods. However, if you do my cracker tip, these little candies help give you and extra push of energy for a little bit.

3. Small meals: After you got the cracker thing down pat, eat small meals, or anything you can really stomach. Mine was bagels. I could eat a bagel with cream cheese everyday once I had crackers in my stomach. I didn't eat many nutritious meals in the beginning because everything made me sick to think about. So at this point, I just ate what I could stomach. Fruits, Bagel with cream cheese and salads.


1. Ginger Ale: Everyone told me to drink ginger ale to help soothe my stomach. This was the worst mistake I made- for me at least. Every time I would drink it, my belly would bloat and fill with air and give me the WORST pain ever. Almost like a sharp gas pain. It would hurt when I would stand or walk so I had to be laying down at all times. It was terrible. I would have to burp so much in order to get the air out. I don't ever drink carbonated beverages, so maybe thats why it didn't agree with me? But either way, it wasn't helpful at all.

2. Peppermint: I had some peppermint essential oils and I heard that if you smell it, it will help calm your nausea. I would smell it and think it helped for a few minutes but then I was right back to feeling sick again. So I'm going to say this is a NO GO!

4. Ginger Tea: I bought some ginger tea because I heard that can also help in calming down the feeling of being sick. I used it but didn't notice a difference. I'm not a huge fan of plain tea like that so I just felt more blah after drinking it. I only tried it once and decided it wasn't for me.

I wish there was a magical concoction that you could take and automatically feel better. Unfortunately, unless you take medication, morning sickness is something you have to power through and pray it goes away on its own. I strongly encourage you to try these little tips and see if they work for you!

Brittney Deyoung Copyright 2020

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