How To Make The Best Morning Coffee

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Mornings have quickly become my favorite time of the day. There's just something about the morning light shining through the windows, the smell of a fresh cup of coffee brewing and seeing your babies sleepy eyes as they wake up that just melts my heart.

As a mama (& if you're a parent I know you can relate) I need ALL the coffee, especially first thing in the morning. The second the babies wake up its go-go-go until nap time. So coffee is pretty much mandatory to get through the first half of the day. My husband and I make it a habit to wake up 30 minutes before the boys so we have a chance to get breakfast prepared and our coffee brewing.

Every time I make a post about my day or what I'm doing, I normally have a coffee in my hand and I get tons of questions about how I make my coffee and what products we use. So, I figured I would do a post to show you exactly what we use and how I make my coffee every morning.

First off, let me start by saying that my husband has been begging me for MONTHS to get a new coffee maker (specifically a Mr. Coffee HotCup Single Serve/Pod Free Coffee Maker) and let me tell ya why. This particular coffee maker uses kettle technology to brew at the perfect temperature for piping hot, fresh coffee when you need it. It also has a water flow system which distributes the right amount of water over the grounds in a sweeping motion, for the richest, boldest flavors. I only know all this because my husbands been filling my head with it for the last 2 months. haha.

Okay enough about me babbling! I'm going to show you all about our new coffee maker and how I make my hot coffee as well as iced coffee every morning!


We recently received the Mr. Coffee HotCup Single Serve Coffee Maker and so far we've been loving it. The main reason why were a huge fan is because it can brew brew 6, 8, 10, or 12 oz of hot coffee and anything in between. I think that's pretty cool considering other ones have a set limit on how much it brews, wether that is a cup, travel size or carafe. I like the fact that I can control it and make it slightly bigger than a travel size, but not as big as an entire pot.

My favorite setting to use it on is the 8oz. I've found this give the perfect amount of coffee to an overly-tired-I-have-so-much-to-do mama like myself.

Since I use it on the 8oz setting I normally add about 2 scoops. The coffee maker actually comes with a measuring scoop that matches the brew size options on the coffee maker which is really convenient for measuring the right amount of coffee grounds every time. The coffee maker uses #2 cone filters so I just pop one of those into the top, add my coffee and start brewing. I like using the filters because it makes for an easy clean up.

By the way; this is a Pod Free coffee maker which is the only kind we will buy. I love being able to control the amount of grounds and the type of coffee I want on any given day. Pod Free is just overall better for the environment and when it comes to waste.

I hit the brew button and thats it! I let the magic happen. Once it's done, I add a couple splashes of coconut milk and then use a cheap frother (which doubles as my babies formula blender, hehe) and get that nice thick top of pretty froth. And there ya have it! It's super simple and takes me 5 minutes to make!

Iced coffee is my weakness and in all honesty I prefer to drink iced over hot any day. Most people think you need a machine specifically for brewing it, but thats not the case at all. I literally make coffee the same exact way I would make a hot one. The only thing I do different is add is an extra scoop of coffee grounds for brewing so it's a little stronger when I add the ice cubes. The ice does dilute it a little which is why the extra scoop of coffee grounds is crucial! That's it! It's so easy and so tasty.

I hope this helps you feel inspired to create your own delicious coffee right at home! If your looking for a coffee pot that is simple, but still has the necessary features, I would highly recommend the Mr. Coffee HotCup Single Serve Coffee Maker which can be bought straight from this post by clicking on the link!

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