Newborn Essentials- Every New Mama Should Have For Their Babies

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

This is probably one of my...If not my FAVORITE topic to talk about. There are so many products out there and as a new mama how do you know which ones are the best? We've spent so much money on different things... from binkies to baby tubs...even toys! All to find the products that work the best for our everyday use.

Heres a little back story: When I first found out I was pregnant I wanted all the adorable non-baby stuff I could find. I always wanted him to be dressed in sophisticated outfits, wear organic diapers, have the old fashioned brown binkies, wear little man shoes and always smell good. I also didn't want a bunch of baby crap laying around our house. So, every toy or bouncer had to be minimal color, not make noise and look decent in our house. We also had a rule that no one could buy clothes for our baby because we hated the "mommys little rockstar" or "auntie is my favorite" outfits. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA (Excuse me while I die laughing over here...) We were extremely unrealistic.

Wanna know what happened? Those sophisticated clothes that we HAD to have, had old, sour, thrown up breast milk on them about 99 percent of the time. The organic diapers are great if you wanna spend 100 dollars for 80 of them. All the old fashion binkies I just knew my babe would love... he HATED. The shoes always gave him the most uncomfortable looking indents in his little tooties and he always smelt like sweat. So..... theres that.

Anyways, this post was a LONG time coming! Before I even started my blog, I was on a powerful mission to find the best products that I felt 110% comfortable using on my baby. I've had many trial and errors through the first few months but I'm excited to share every thing I found to be essential for us!

*All these products we have used (unless otherwise stated) and found to be extremely helpful during his first months. I'm sure there are more high-end looking options out there, but aint no one got money for that, so this is if your ballin' on a budget*


  1. Fridababy- Nosefrida the Snotsucker: THIS. You need to buy this! We've used all kinds of booger-sucker-outers and this is by far my favorite thing ever created. As a baby they get so many boogies, this is simple, fast, gets the job done and easy to clean. It may seem gross, but I promise your mouth is well protected from boogies.

  2. Saline Drops- This goes hand and hand with the Nosefrida. You may not need these drops at first but as your babe gets older, these are necessary! If there is one thing I can't stand it's a babe walking around with a snotty, booger infested nose. Some like to call me the booger freak but I just think of it as being clean. haha! These saline drops are all natural and allow the hard crusty boogers to soften for easy pickin'. I dont use this product every day but if I feel his nose is stuffed or needs to be cleared out, this is my go to.

  3. Safety 1st Nail Clippers- I'm not at all an expert in this area because unlike some babies, my babe LOVES his nails being cut. As long as he can watch me cut them, he stays still as can be. These work great for that. Also, you won't need these until month...2 or 3? Their nails are so brittle and thin that I actually bit Lyrics nails with my teeth the first few months (I know it sounds weird but 1. They were inside of you so.... 2. Ask your doctor, its completely normal.)

  4. Little Martin’s Drawer Baby Nail Trimmer File with Light- (I have not tried this) I know multiple people who cannot get their baby to sit still for nail clipping time and this is what they recommend. Its an electric nail filer that has a light attached for easy visualization, I've heard nothing but good things about this product!

  5. Summer Infant Brush and Comb- We don't really use the comb that much but I love the brush and the soft bristles!


  1. The First Years- Deluxe comfort newborn tub: We had this exact one, pink and all. We tried so many different bath tubs in the beginning, my mom even jumped on the bandwagon to help and bought us one! We ended up getting this pink hand-me down tub and let me tell ya! THIS WAS THE TUB IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR ALL MY LIFE! Since ours was a hand-me down we didn't have the newborn sling that connects at the top, so we would put a towel in the tub for comfort, fill it with water water and place him in it. HE LOVED IT! As he got older he grew with the tub. I think the only tip I would give, is you just you have to clean the crevasses of the tub frequently, because water will pool up and get slimy. We would flip the tub over when we were done so all the water would drip out. Okay, we went to BuyBuy Baby yesterday and I saw a baby tub I had to share with you all. I haven't tried it, just happened to stumble across it but it looks like it would be perfect for a newborn! AngelCare Bath Tub Support- It has a rubber lining that resembles mesh which is really cool because it should be really easy to keep dry, clean and I love the idea of rubber because the baby won't slip and slide in it. It may be worth checking out!

  2. Infantino- Inflatable Bath Tub: Once he started to sit up on his own and wanting to play more we switched to this little tub. It's an inflatable baby tub that comes with little plastic balls to play with. He wasn't completely comfortable sitting up so this inflatable tub was perfect to keep him balanced, cushioned and not sliding all around the bathtub. It's relatively inexpensive and worth every penny. (He still like to climb in it and play with the balls! ha)

  3. Anti-Slip Bath Mat- Lyric is 11 months old and this is what we now use. He sits up, stands up, climbs, dunks underwater, splashes and kicks and this mat is perfect for protecting our crazy! Its rubber, slightly padded and great for babes who are on the move. He never slips or slides. We purchased it at Target but I can't find it online so heres something similar.

  4. Honest Company Lavender Bubble Bath- This bubble bath smells so good, produces tons of bubbles and is all natural + hypoallergenic. We still use this to this day and absolutely love it.

  5. Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo- Babies have such sensitive skin so its important to keep all product ingredients to a minimum. Theres so many amazing smelling body wash and lotions but the more scent they have the more it will dry out/ irritate their skin. Lyric has VERY sensitive skin and I've found Aveeno to be the most gentle baby wash while still hydrating his soft baby skin.

  6. Aveeno Baby Lotion- LOVE LOVE LOVE! We don't put any other lotion on our babes skin besides Aveeno. This moisturizes lyrics skin better then any lotion I've ever seen. I honestly will NEVER switch because I love this so much. Lyric also has eczema and Aveenos Eczema Lotion works wonders as well. It has a thicker consistency so its perfect for lathering on at night!


  1. Parasol Company Diapers- I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish I knew about these diapers when I was pregnant with Lyric. I can't even begin to describe how thick these diapers are; They absorb everything so well. Also, they are the softest diaper product I've ever felt in my entire life. We got a sample pack to try on Lyric and I fell in love. So.... My husband and I started a subscription with them and now have diapers coming for both Lyric and baby #2! (We like to be prepared with diapers) If your interested in getting a FREE sample pack to try on your babe, email me and I will send one out. It's completely FREE, NO CARD NEEDED, you just have to create a username to their website and give your mailing address. BRITTNEYDEYOUNG@GMAIL.COM - Send me your first and last name & preferred email address and I will send your free sample pack!

  2. Pampers Diapers- This is my second diaper of choice. They are affordable, absorb well and get the job done. I was on the search for a good overnight diaper and these take the cake. They are perfect for holding them over until they're changed in morning. However, the minute your babe starts to move, crawl or walk I don't prefer these. Whether theres a ton of pee or none at all, they tend to droop down, fabric starts to fray off and the velcro comes undone easily. I also started to notice elastic strings from the diaper lining coming undone which kind of scares me in regards to wrapping around my babies peeper. I still love them, but only as a nighttime diaper now that he's on the move. They also have a new diaper called Pampers Pure which is a natural, free of dyes and chlorine option as well as matching wipes. I have not tried these because they are the same price as Honest and If I'm spending the money I prefer Honest. I do know a few people who have used them and love them!

  3. The Honest Company Diapers- Before I got pregnant with Lyric we got a subscription to the Honest Co. for diapers and wipes, which were sent to our house every 4 weeks. We knew we wanted a baby and we wanted to be prepared. I've always been a fan of this company and I love how natural they are. This company offers a plethora of diaper designs to choose from which are absolutely adorable. The only downfall is they don't hold over night unless you buy their special overnight diapers. They do however, hold up great for a crawling-walking-moving all over the house little babe! I prefer these for our everyday adventures!

  4. The Honest Company Wipes- If there is one thing we have no problem splurging on- it's these wipes. I've tried EVERY wipe out there (seriously, you name it I've tried it) and The Honest Company has the only wipes I will ever use on Lyric or any of our future babes. Why you ask? Every other wipe I have tried leaves Lyrics bum raw, red, broken out in bumps or they rip and poop gets on my fingers. These wipes have never made his butt red or raw and they are thick, thick, thick! You don't have to use 5 wipes for a poopy diaper because they hold together so well which actually saves you money in the long run.

  5. The Honest Company Soothing Bottom Wash- I would obviously recommend all these products but this one especially! If theres one thing I dislike its a stinky baby & this product is an absolute life savor! After every poopy diaper from newborn blowouts to 11 month old solid stinkers... I still use it. I just do a couple squirts of the spray on his bottom and wipe it clean. The spray leaves his booty smelling good and squeaky clean. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! (I have one by his changing pad and in his diaper bag)!

  6. Aquaphor Baby- I can't say enough good things about this product. Lyric has yet to get a sever rash and I'm giving ALL the kudos to Aquaphor. Its a healing ointment that is delicate enough for babies skin, but strong enough to work over night. You'll notice that baby skin is very sensitive, some even having eczema (like Lyric) so every night before he goes to bed I lather his butt, and any surrounding creases with this. I also use it if I see a dry eczema spot popping up, its gone the very next day! I still use this every single day.


  1. Mommy Bliss- Gripe Water: I'm not a fan of medication which is why I love this so much. Its a herbal remedy to help with gas and colic in babies. Lets face it, its impossible to prevent gas and upset bellies especially at the newborn stage. Their bodies arn't used to digesting formula or breast milk and since they're newborns they don't express movement which plays a role in gas buildup. Mommy Bliss Gripe Water was our life savor in "newborn life". Lyric was so gassy all the time and just needed some relief and this did just that! (They also have a night time option which we used a lot, it has the added ingredient of chamomile)

  2. Mommy Bliss: Probiotics- Sticking with the Mommy Bliss products because there natural, no additives, no preservatives, no artificial flavoring, no dairy, gluten or soy. (Believe it or not, a lot of baby products have unnecessary artificial coloring, flavor and preservatives. Mommy Biss does not which is why they are my favorite to use.) Talk to your pediatrician before using but every baby should be on probiotics to help aid in a healthy digestive system, my husband and I take probiotics as well!

  3. Mylicon- We tried not to use this that much with Lyric but when push comes to shove you can't be "all natural" all the time. I do get the Dye-Free so that should count for something? Anyways, when all else failed this medication gave him the most relief (and us too) & I quickly learned that every baby suffers from gas build up so It eased my mind knowing 95% of america gives their baby this.

Below I have attached a Medication chart from Todays Creative Life Blog that I customized to Lyric's needs, printed it out and laminated it. I attached magnets on the back to hang on the fridge and purchased a dry-erase marker which allows us to write on the chart incase he's prescribed any additional medications in the future. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD MEDICATION CHART


  1. Motorola MBP36XL Video Baby Monitor- I did a lot of research on cameras and found this to be the best one for what we wanted. I loved the look or idea of a wifi enabled camera but I wanted something I could have turned on at all times, whether it be nap time or when we put him down for bed and with the wifi camera it had to be accessed through a phone, computer or tablet. That wasn't ideal for us because I would have to turn on the app or log into my phone to check on him and I really just wanted something on all the time where I was able to hear every little sound and see what was going on. This monitor is perfect for us! It has a rechargeable camera (or you can keep it plugged in) and rechargeable monitor, two way voice communication, a built in sound machine, temp display, night vision, camera controls through the monitor (you can move the camera up and down, side to side) and multiple cameras can be hooked up to one monitor so it's perfect if you have more then one baby! We've never had a problem and I would recommend this camera over and over again!

  2. Playtex Diaper Genie Complete- This is the diaper genie we have. We like it, but I'm sure there are prettier/ better options out there. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on this, (because who wants to spend a ton of money that they're throwing poop in) this is a perfect option. You have to buy the bag refills and the odor carbon filter but it gets the job done. As Lyric got older and his poops got bigger/ stinkier, the genie would hold the odor inside extreme well, but the minute you opened it to throw a diaper away you are smacked in the face with the nastiest smelling smell EVER! I can only imagine thats the case with any diaper genie because theres poop in it! Either way, it works great and we are pleased!

  3. Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer- When I was pregnant people often told me what I should buy and what they found to be unnecessary. Well a diaper warmer was on everyones "do not buy" list. So, I didn't buy it but instead it was handed down to me by my aunt. I'm so thankful I got this because no babe wants a cold wipe on their bottom, especially at the newborn stage when they like to be nice and warm at all times. A lot of people said the diaper warmer just drys out the wipes which is why they didn't like it. I found this to be true with thin wipes, but luckily we don't have that problem. We use Honest Company wipes which are very thick. They never dry out and are always full of moisture, even in the diaper warmer.

  4. Black-out Curtains- It never even crossed my mind when I was putting Lyrics nursery together to get black out curtains, instead we had pretty shear white ones which went perfect with his room. I noticed every time I would try and establish a good nap schedule he would be wide awake and super fussy. I couldn't figure out why he would only nap in our room and not his? Finally it dawned on me, our room was dark and his was super bright, even when the blinds were closed. So I immediately switched to black out curtains and haven't looked back since. If you read my blog post "How I got my baby to sleep through the night" (click here to read) I talk about teaching your baby the difference between night and day. Well, Lyric had grasped that concept and if he saw light he wanted to stay up! I don't know the exact type of curtains we have because I dug them out of the closet but here is a similar version.

  5. Pillow Fort Lamp- In my "How I got my baby to sleep through the night" blog post I also talk about turning on a soft lit light at night if your going to feed or change them. (click here to read why) This is the light we used, and it was exactly what we needed.

  6. DaVinci Crib- It was really important for us to get something extremely sturdy and also something that Lyric could grow with and change to a toddler bed as he got older. STUPID IDEA! Don't think like that... I mean, I guess you can but I should have known that wasn't a good idea for us. My taste in decor changes so much that I'm already over his crib and want a different look for his room, I don't know maybe thats just me? Plus, if you plan on having more babes this crib will most likely be passed down and they won't even get to use it as a toddler bed. So long story short, his lovely parents spent $500 dollars on a crib that won't get half the use out of it like it should. Im still firm on getting a sturdy crib, but nothing to fancy (in my opinion). Also, isn't half the fun for a child who gets a big girl/boy bed picking it out? We wouldn't want to take the fun away right? I also recommend getting a crib with a solid back especially if you plan on having it up against the wall. Lyric is constantly dropping his binkys behind the crib and we are always pulling it out to find his stash (which is annoying and scratches our wood floors, even with pads on them), he also like to bang his feet on the wall which we can hear loud and clear in our bedroom. I linked a crib that is reasonably priced with a solid back, if I would do it over I would pick something like this.

  7. VAVA Humidifier- So, we actually didn't have one of these until a few months ago. To be completely honest, I never really understood the purpose of them and they were just so big and bulky I didn't want to buy it. However, I noticed Lyric ALWAYS had a stuffy/runny nose and he was always under the weather. His pediatrician recommend I get a humidifier for his room if he didn't already have one. My aunt had a Vicks brand that she had used for her three kids so she passed it down to me. This humidifier was massive, I mean huge. I had no idea where I was going to put that big thing, but unfortunately I didn't have to worry about it because after doing all that work for three kids, the Vicks machine decided to call it quits. So I jumped on amazon and was on a search to find a small, sleek humidifier that worked good. This is what I found. We've had it for about 5-6 months now and I really like it. The look is exactly what I wanted, it lasts all night long, its quite and the best part is he never gets sick anymore! The only down side to this product is that its hard to clean. Every 4 days I take it apart and soak it in hot water with a tiny tiny drop of bleach and all natural soap. Then I scrub it the best I can and continue rinsing until all the soap/bleach is gone. Luckily you don't have to scrub that hard because the tiny drop of bleach pretty much de-slimes the thing! I would assume every humidifier needs a good scrub down a couple times a week.

  8. Snuggle Me Organic- (I haven't tried this product) I didn't even know this existed when I had Lyric but if I did I would have jumped on it! It's similar to a Dock a tot but instead of high thick sides with a indented center that acts as a mini bassinet, the snuggle me organic is all padded, like a big ol' pillow! I used to snuggle up on the couch and lay Lyric on a pillow from our bed (see picture below) but this is so much better! Definitely going to be purchasing this for our second babe! These are pretty pricey so I found similar/ cheaper options on Amazon. Newborn Lounger- very similar but much much cheaper and I'm sure you can find cute covers like this one Removable Cover (boy), Removable Cover (girl) Removable Cover (unisex) Check dimensions before purchasing!

My homemade Snuggle Me Organic Haha!


  1. Dr. Browns Bottles- I've done a lot of research on bottles and these are my favorite for newborns. Beware, they have A TON of parts (5 pieces with each bottle) which makes cleaning them a blast... not! The only downside to these bottles and why we switched to a different company as Lyric got older; is they leak. The silicon piece which holds the tube becomes loose with time and doesn't have a solid connection which causes the milk to spill every where once you tip it over to feed. But I think these bottles are the best for preventing air bubbles/ gas bubbles. On another notes, we used the wide neck bottles with the bigger nipples. Because I was breastfeeding and pumping into a bottle I wanted something that could mimic a boob as much as possible. Yes, I've tried other bottles that mimic a boob exactly but they were horrible.

  2. Avent Bottles- These are my second favorite. Once Lyric got older and was able to move around and get gas out on his own, I switched to these. They have less pieces then the Dr. Brown bottles and are so easy to clean, plus it makes on the go trips so much easier. We haven't had one problem with them and we've been using them since Lyric was 5 months old!

  3. Mam Pacifiers- It took a lot of trial and error in this subject. I tried the cute round rubber pacifiers (okay, I hate the word pacifier, IT'S BINKY!) I tried the plain clear plastic binkies without the crazy designs and I even looked on etsy to find something cute and practical but Mam's were the best brand for Lyric. I'm extremely big on giving babies a binky that I pretty much forced it on Lyric. I wanted something he could use to self-soothe and if there's one thing I DID NOT want was a baby who sucks their fingers. I can always take a binky away, but I can't take fingers away which is why I forced it on him.

  4. Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack- This rack is perfect for air drying bottles, its easy to clean and it looks super cute on your counter top. If your anything like me, you hate the look of having baby stuff EVERY WHERE and the clutter that comes along with it. This is sleek, simple, cute and doesn't look terrible on the countertop. They also have little add ons like tree twigs you can stick in the grass to hang bottle nipples on or whatever you want. BONUS!

  5. Boppy Pillow- We actually never purchased this because I didn't think it was necessary, boy was I wrong. The first few weeks of Lyrics life were hard enough and shoving a huge pillow from our bed under him made breast feeding even more difficult. I hated the bulky-ness of this dang thing, but its seriously the best! It's great for bottle feeding and breast feeding. Nursing Pillow Cover- Check out this adorable cover I found to go with it!


  1. Automatic Breast Pump- This was life while I breast fed. I obviously didn't exclusively pump but I did exclusively breast feed the first 4 months of Lyric life and this pumped helped a lot. I would always recommend a automatic pump, I don't know why you would ever want to do that manually? Anyways, If you don't already know, contact your insurance because they will give you a free pump! I had the Medela Pump In Style Advance (double breast pump) and I liked it although I don't have much to compare it to because this was the only one I tried. Just beware it's really loud and every time I pumped my whole house could hear me. Other then that its great.

  2. Silicone Breastfeeding Cups- If you plan on breast feeding, GET THESE! After the first month of breast feeding I finally realized every time I was feeding him on one boob the other one was just leaking so much because my let down (your milk flowing) was very strong. If you breast feed you know that milk is the most precious thing besides your baby. I couldn't believe how much I was wasting. So, I bought these. You suction the cup on one breast while your feeding on the other. This catches all the milk that would normally be wasted. I would get an extra two ounces!!

  3. Lansinoh- Okay, you need this. Whatever you do, you definieltly need this. When you first start breastfeeding your nipples are raw, red, scabbed up, sometimes bleed and they hurt, oh do they hurt. This was the only thing that helped heal them. I would always lather this on after a feeding and wipe it off before the next one. Your hospital will normally give you a free sample pack but I would definitely buy a large tube of it!

  4. Bamboobies Nursing Pads- There is really no easy way out of this one. I hated wearing the disposable pads because they would move around in my bra, even though they had tape to hold them in place and I always felt them ball up after 20 minutes of use. So I decided to buy these. They are reusable and work decent. I'm just not a fan of pads in general so I hated all of them. These are great in the aspects of saving money and they are a lot more comfortable then the disposable ones. However, BEWARE since you leak and have cream on your nips, these will definitely stick to you which can be painful when removing the pads from your bra. But all in all I would recommend these over disposable any day.

  5. Nursing Bras- I LIVED in nursing bras the first few months. It was just so much more convenient and comfortable then your every day bra. Remember your boobs are really sore, so pretty looking boobs in a push up bra is the last thing on your mind. I would definitely buy a few different nursing bras, I had an actual bra style which had underwire that gave me the support I needed with a soft fabric on my sensitive boobs (click here to purchase). Then I had a sports bra style that was great for sleeping in and lounging around the house in (click here to purchase). I bought mine on the clearance rack at Target but I linked some similar ones. Also, I personally didn't see the use for nursing friendly shirts because it was pretty easy for me to just lift my shirt to feed him but maybe for some people that would be helpful. I'm just not a fan of the "nursing friendly" styles.


  1. UPPAbaby carseat + stroller- I did SO much research on this topic because it's probably one of the most important things you will buy for your little. This is what protects your baby so this needs to be something you feel 100% comfortable with. I'm going to be upfront with you, it's more expensive than your typical carseat brands like Graco or Chicco but I would gladly pay the price tag for my sanity and his safety. UPPAbaby is rated one of the top infant carseats in the market, has 5 star government rated safety and has wonderful reviews. We bought one carseat and two bases (one for each car) because we didn't want to undo the base every time one of us used a different car. Putting the base in is a process in itself but UPPAbaby has a safety feature which tells you if your carseat is installed correctly or incorrectly, which I love but I would definitely recommend buying the two bases. The carseat is extremely padded and even comes with a newborn insert which we didn't get to use because Lyric was too big haha. UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller- Another thing that was extremely important to me was stroller access. I'm a tiny girl, so picking up/collapsing and unclasping a 30 pound stroller plus lugging a baby on top of that wasn't ideal. The Uppababy stroller was one of... if not the lightest and easiest handling stroller I found. I mean, it's seriously so easy and extremely light, I could even pick it up while I was 9 months pregnant. It has built in attachments that link the carseat right on the stroller and as they get older you can switch it to a big seat. The only downside is every attachment is an additional cost, for example, if you want a cupholder or tray for the baby you would pay extra.

  2. Maxi-Cosi Convertible Car Seat- Once your babe outgrows the newborn carseat this is my next pick. Its extremely padded which makes me feel like my baby is very protected, has a cup holder, removable cover for easy washing and had good safety ratings. Every other carseat felt cheap, wobbly or had an obnoxious design. We actually found a little loop hole when purchasing this carseat. Maxi-Cosi brand is excluded from any kind of discounts at Buybuy baby, however on the 20% off coupon it doesn't state that, so they will honor it for you. We also purchased this when it was on sale, they were moving the old models out and the new models in. So we got two of these, one for my car and one for my husbands car for $300 all together! WHATTTT!

3. Freshly Picked Diaper Bag: Before I get into the details I'm going to give you a little insight to a deal! I linked this diaper bag which will take you to the Bed Bath and Beyond website. Buy the diaper bag from there because you are able to use your 20% off coupon and it will save you about $35 AND you get free shipping. Anyways, the first 8 months of baby life was terrible because I didn't have this diaper bag. I had a Coach one, which I loved the look of but it wasn't very practical. It looked bigger then this one but it actually held less and I had to take every thing out to find one thing. I switched to Freshly Picked and I'm obsessed! Every thing has a spot, its spacious and it's easy to find things. Plus, take it from me, DO NOT BUY A SHOULDER DIAPER BAG!!!!! My shoulder was on fire and dying especially while holding a baby. Every time I bent down to grab something or put Lyric down the bag would come flying forward and hit him in the face, so with that being said I would highly recommend buying a book bag diaper bag. I have this exact bag in the cream color with the color blush inside.


  1. Nested Bean Use Code- PRDEYOUNG15 for 15% off - I posted the main reason why I love this in my "How I got my baby to sleep through the night" blog post (click here to read) without going in depth, we used this during his sleep regression but I wish I would have known about it sooner! It most definitely would have helped with sleep training. Anyways, it was designed by a mama who noticed her baby always wanted her touch and to know she was there. So she created a sleep sack and put weighted beans in the center to mimic her touch. Lyric loves it and we love it! They are actually launching two new products mid August; their onesie which still has the bean in the center and their Zen Sack (picture above) in a new size which is 15-24 months! I'm really excited about this one because now that Lyric is outgrowing his others, he can wear this. The difference between the Zen sack 15-24 months is the beans are distributed throughout the top of the sack versus just the center. They also have swaddles which we will be using for baby #2 along with the new onesie! WOOHOO!

  2. Bottom Zippered Sleepers- Your going to think I'm crazy but I promise you these will be the best things you ever buy. It all started on a nice stroll through Target and I happened to notice these really cute sleepers, so I purchased them not giving any thought behind it. THEY WERE THE BEST THINGS EVER! Wanna know why? They had a zipper starting at the legs!!! That may seem weird to the every day normal person, but to this mama its was pure genius and gold!!! Let me explain why this was so great. Newborns wake up in the middle of the night A LOT, newborns need to be changed A LOT, newborns get cold EASILY. The zipper starting at the leg made changing a diaper in the middle of the night quick and easy. Theres nothing more annoying then unzipping the whole entire sleeper just to change a diaper. Now because you had to unzip the whole entire sleeper, your baby is cold and crying because their uncomfortable. So do yourself a favor and buy these! This isn't the exact brand I used but this is an example of what I'm talking about. AVOID BUTTONS at all costs until their older. Buttons are just the devil at this age.


Rocking Chair- We NEVER used this, not once. When we were sleep training we would always feed him out in the living room because it was close to the kitchen which was where all my breast feeding concoctions were. Once he got older he slept through the night so there was really no need for rocking, plus he likes to go go go so that wouldn't really work out anyways. We do however use it to read to him at night; and by use it I mean my husband and I sit in the chair while Lyric crawls, stands and tries to walk to every thing. So in my opinion it was a waste of money although every baby is different.

Baby Clothes- So everyone told me not to go overboard on newborn clothes because you don't go out much and they grow so fast, blah blah blah. Well, I didn't listen because I'm like "uhhh I want my baby to look cute even if we go to the grocery store, so yeah I'm buying him cute outfits". Boy was that stupid. SO.MUCH.MONEY.WASTED. Lesson learned on that one. The only thing you need is sleepers for bed time. Lots and lots of sleepers. I had Lyric in that about 99% of the time because it kept him warm, cozy and comfy. I didn't want my newborn to be uncomfortable in jean pants and a onesie. Also, if I did dress him up to go somewhere the outfit didn't look that cute because he was so little, couldn't lift his head, he was all scrunched down in it and dressing a newborn in sophisticated clothes is hard work, so like I said... it's a waste of money. I would save your dollars and buy the cute clothes starting at 6 months. Thats when they fill in, start to get thicker hair, can sit up on their own and smile all the time. Basically they look like a cute chunk versus the newborn alien phase. (I'll give you a perfect example, pictured below)

Wash Cloths- I'm going to be real with ya, I hate wash cloths. I've never used them for myself so I already knew I wasn't going to be a fan of them for my baby. In my opinion it was harder to clean his private parts, under armpits and his neck with the wash cloth. I found my hand to be much more effective to make sure I got the hard to reach crevice. We have a whole entire pile of baby wash cloths that get used for teething and teething only. haha!

Baby Bath Towels- Again, something so un-necessary. They are adorable, but spending $10 on a towel? No thanks! We have some we got as gifts from our baby shower but we never use them. They don't absorb that much water and they're really little. We like using our big thick ones so we can bundle our babe up and get him once and dry!

If you made it through reading this entire post, I love you so very much. I've spent so many days and nights working on this for you in hopes of helping you get ready for your little babe to arrive (or if you already gave birth). I just wanted to give an insight about the best products I've found useful and which things I felt you can skip. I hoped this helped you a little on your newborn nesting shopping spree! If you have any questions please email me! I would love to help!

Brittney Deyoung Copyright 2020

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