How to Ease Cabin Fever When Having A Newborn

Let's face it, life with a newborn can be really exhausting but also pretty boring. Especially if you have a good sleeper on your hands like I did. I would find myself going stir crazy just sitting inside the house all day. I would literally pace back and forth cleaning the same counter tops I cleaned 5 minutes ago (If you can't tell, I like to stay busy). In fact, that's exactly when I created my blog, Raw Motherhood!

I didn't want to go places that involved large crowds because our baby was still a newborn. However, I would still find any excuse to get out of the house or do something that made me feel happy and alive again. These are some of the things that helped me the most when I was bored or cooped up in the house. I hope you can find some inspiration in these ideas as well! If you do, drop a comment below so we can chat about your newborn life.

  1. Go for a walk

  2. Grab a cup of coffee from your local coffee shop

  3. Visit friends and family members

  4. Run a quick errand

This helped me so much to get out and moving around. I started to feel a sense of depression being inside all day long, so to get fresh air was really needed for me and the baby! You'd be surprised how exciting it is to run an errand after being inside for so long. Even dropping by to see my mom when she got off work gave me some "mommy duty" relief and I got to see a 4 new walls haha!

  1. Get the things you've always wanted to organize; organized

  2. Shower while the baby naps

  3. Put on light make up/ do your hair

I'm really passionate about this category because I feel liked it helped me so much. Once you have a baby, the time you once had for yourself goes out the door. If you happen to have some free time, its hard to find the motivation to take care of yourself because lets face it, we've been taking care of another human being all day and night. However, finding small windows to shower and get refreshed is really important. I would put the baby down for a nap in his mamaroo or crib and take the fastest shower I could. Another thing that made me feel more alive is applying some light makeup and just simply blow drying my hair. I know it sounds silly but it really does make you feel better. Lastly, If your like me and get bored easily or can't nap when the baby does... ORGANIZE! I set small goals of what I wanted to accomplish for the week. For example: Organize the pantry/ spice cabinet, clean out old clothes to donate, (hey! gives you an opportunity to get out of the house!) or sort through your lotions and perfumes in the bathroom. I've always wanted to get "organized" but never had the time or energy. So, this was the perfect opportunity for me to get it all done & boy did it feel good!

Schedule From: House Mix Blog
  1. If you haven't done so, Plan out the baby's/ family schedule

  2. Clean the house by setting specific time goals

  3. Take a nap when the baby is napping

  4. Find a show to binge watch

I'm a firm believer in schedules, we actually have them all over our house! This helps me stay on track and focused on what needs to be done for the day. I'm all about structure and schedules provide just that. Use your down time to map out a plan for the family, the baby and yourself. For example, My husband and I decided to sleep train (we had our baby sleeping through the night at 4 weeks old) so I used my down time to come up with a complete nursing/ nap schedule. If you would like to know exactly how I did it, plus get free printable schedules, click the link below.


Setting specific timeframe goals were very helpful as well. I found that it was really hard to get housework done with a newborn, so I would wrap him around me (I love baby wearing) or put him down for a nap and come up with a game plan to tackle the mess. If it was 11am I would write a list that looked a little something like this:

- 11:20 have dishes done/ put away

- 11:40 have counters and floors clean

- 12:00 have laundry folded

I would set my time goals in 20 minute increments so I wasn't wondering around the house in circles avoiding my dreadful cleaning tasks. When I saw it written down, it was easier to accomplish. Plus, theres a form of satisfaction you get when crossing another task off your list!

"Nap when the baby naps" is a common phrases heard all around the world. It's so much easier said then done. However, if you do have some down time, try to relax. Whether that be taking a nap or binge watching a new show on Netflix. Just give your body, mind and spirit some time to recharge before the next mama duty calls. I'm sure I was so late to the party with this one, but Greys Anatomy was my go-to show to binge watch with a newborn!

  1. Pack the diaper bag for the next day festivities

  2. Put the stroller together & get loaded in the car

  3. Check the weather the day before

  4. Lay out everything the baby will need to wear for the day

My babe is now 1 1/2 years old and I still do this to this day. Life is very hectic and crazy at times, so planning everything out the day before makes your mornings or afternoons that much smoother. I always packed the diaper bag in advance with everything I knew I would need. Heres a look inside our newborn diaper bag!

- Diapers

- Wipes

- Bottom wash spray

- Aquaphor

- Nested bean Bodysuit (For getting the baby to nap!)

- Extra change of clothes for the baby

- Bottles to put breast milk or formula in

- Burp Cloths

- Bib

- Hand sanitizer

- Swaddle (In case it's cold)

We would also put the stroller in the back of the car prior to going out so we didn't forget it and we weren't scrambling last minute to fit it in. Another thing to do is check the weather the day before so you can lay out clothes for you and the baby. This will make an easy "getting ready with a newborn" transition. If your baby is born in the fall/ winter like ours was you can add an extra layer under their clothes for added warmth. You can also use to Nested Bean Zen Bodysuit under their clothes to help your baby nap while out and about.

If your new to Nested Bean I'll give you the run down, basically THE BEST thing ever. I first heard about them when my 4 month old was going through a terrible sleep regression. He wanted me touching him at all times. My husband and I don't believe in co-sleeping so I literally had to stand above his crib with my hand on his chest. After explaining this to his doctor, she told me about Nested Bean, which comes in a range of bodysuits, footed pjs, sacks and swaddles. It has a lightly weighted pad in the center of the chest which gives your baby that gentle touch as if it was your hand. IT WAS AMAZING! After a few nights with his Nested Bean Zen Sack he was back to sleeping through the night and this mama was very happy! Since then, they have expanded their line so much and offer so many great options. If it were me, I would literally put your baby in the Zen Footed PJ and head out the door! I'm pregnant with baby number 2 and lets just say were all stocked up and ready to go!


I hope you found this information helpful and beneficial to ease the cabin fever you experience with a newborn. These are some of the things that helped me the most while navigating through the postpartum and newborn life. Drop a comment below if you found any of these tips helpful for you and your babe!

This post is sponsored by Nested Bean

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