What's in my Newborns Closet

When we had our first babe (Lyric) my husband and I were constantly running out to the store to grab the essential outfits I didn't realize we needed. For example, I thought I would dress him every morning in cute "going out" outfits, with little shoes and a matching bandana bib. Unfortunately, thats just not realistic for you or the baby. Instead It's all about what is easy and comfortable especially in the newborn stage. I found some amazing shops that bring comfort to A WHOLE NOTHER LEVEL and the cuteness will have you in awe! I've bought from each one of these companies, and I will continue to buy from them because the quality is just amazing. These shops are NOT budget friendly and are definitely more of a splurge, but I promise you it's totally worth it!

I tried to stalk up on a few more newborn basics because I know our babe will be delivered early and probably weigh a lot less then Lyric did. I know everyone says don't buy a lot of Newborn clothes (which we didn't for our first) but I almost feel like a decent amount is necessary. Lyric was born 8lbs 10oz and wore newborn for the first month. I know it doesn't seem like a long time but when your changing them a few times a day, you're going to need outfits to replace them in. I did laundry every day and I still needed a good stock pile of newborn clothes. So we had to go to the store when he was a few days old to pick up more. Our second baby will be delivered in the Spring and although it's hot here in Florida, I realized very quickly that their little bodies don't regulate temperature very well. So they are always cold and want to be as warm and snuggly as possible. Here are some basic pieces I picked up in the size: Newborn.

6- Footed PJ's & 3- Long Sleeve Body Suites│Old NavyKate Quinn PrimaryLittle One Shop

5- Basic Gerber Onesies │Gerber Baby

At this stage, I'm still on the "dress your baby for comfort" bandwagon. They're still so little and fragile that dressing them up is a lot of work for you and for them. I much prefer to keep them in comfy basics that still look cute! This time around I didn't buy any going out clothes, and I decided to focus more on comfort. I did buy some comfy pj pants to go with his little onesies though! Here are my 0-3 month picks!

5- Knotted Gowns│Kate Quinn OrganicsLou Lou and Company

Perfect for middle of the night diaper changes. They are also extremely stretchy so they can be worn as a newborn up until 6 months!

4- Footed PJ's │Kate QuinnPrimary

4- Bodysuits │5- PJ Pants │Old Navy

This is the stage when they start learning how to sit up on their own and even possibly start crawling. They're starting to fill out and grow into their body frame a little more. So, around 6 months is when I like to start dressing them cute when we go out. Lyric looked ADORABLE in outfits so I'm excited to pass on the clothes to his brother. We still bought some footed PJ's because those are my favorite when they're little. Plus, Lyric spit up all over his so they look like they've been through the ringer a couple times. New PJ's were definitely needed for this babe! Heres the 3-6 month outfits/ Pj's we bought!


4- Footed PJ's │Kate QuinnPrimary

8- Bodysuits │4- Pants │Old NavyKate QuinnTarget

3- Open Footed Onesie │Target

I only got a few new footed PJ's and the rest of the clothing are hand-me downs from Lyric. At this point this is where I stop buying clothes. Everything from here on out will be purchased as needed or get passed down from Lyric.

5- Footed PJ's │Kate QuinnPrimary

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