Bump Update with Placenta Previa

I just can't believe how fast time is going by. It's probably just because I'm chasing around a toddler for most of the day, so I forget I'm even pregnant! A lot has happened since I first announced we were expecting another little boy. So, heres the new new-

I started experiencing bleeding/ clotting in November 2018 ( 3 1/2 months pregnant ) I went to the hospital, they checked to make sure my cervix was closed and did an ultrasound. Everything came back normal, so they said it was probably just left over blood shedding off. Well, the bleeding continued & I started getting crazy amounts of discharge which made me extremely nervous. After another two weeks of the same bleeding, I went to see my doctor. Once again, my cervix was check and completely closed, baby sounded great & I was healthy. My doctor ordered me to do a blood test to rule out any birth defects that may be causing this (ex: Spina Bifida) & to also do my anatomy scan a few weeks early to make sure everything was measuring okay.

The blood work came back perfect and the baby was healthy as could be on the ultrasound besides one thing. My placenta had moved from its normal position, to the top of my cervix (above my vagina) which the baby was sitting on. This is known as Placenta Previa- The placenta is a structure that develops in the uterus during pregnancy. In most pregnancies, the placenta is located at the top or side of the uterus. In placenta previa, the placenta is located low in the uterus. The placenta might partially or completely cover the cervix.

This is what a normal Placenta should look like:

This is what it looks like when your have Placenta Previa:

Right when I found out I had this, I started googling (mistake, I know) and literally freaked myself out. Then, thank goodness for mom groups I asked a few moms if they have ever had this. The majority of them have, some having extreme complications and some being very minor. These are the two main concerns for Placenta Previa-

  • Bleeding. Severe, possibly life-threatening vaginal bleeding (hemorrhage) can occur before labor, during labor, delivery or in the first few hours after delivery.

  • Preterm birth. Severe bleeding may prompt an emergency C-section before your baby is full term.

So it's important to follow the rules regarding this. I was told pelvic rest, no lifting, bending or walking for long periods of time. Do you know how hard that is with a 1 1/2 year old? EXTREMELY.

I've gotten to learn my body these last few months and I can feel when I'm over doing it. I start to get a really bad period cramps and I start to discharge a lot, so thats when I lay on the couch for the rest of the day. I'm an extremely active person, so sitting on the couch all day is not my cup of tea. So, I will admit... on my days that I feel good I do as much as I can which in all reality is not the best for my body. After learning about my Placenta Previa, my bleeding had stopped late December ( 4 months pregnant ) so naturally I thought my placenta had corrected itself back in place. I was scheduled for a ultrasound at 28 weeks pregnant to see if it had moved, if it did... everything would be normal again!

Saturday 2/9/19- Around 5:30 pm we were having a little cookout at our house with family when I felt a dampness in panties. I didn't think anything of it because I often pee my pants when I strain to lift or sneeze because of all the pressure. I went to the bathroom and saw a bunch of blood in the toilet and all over the toilet paper. I told my husband we needed to go to the hospital. Luckily my family was already over to help watch Lyric (it was seriously meant to happen this way). We rushed to the hospital and the whole way there all I could think of is loosing our baby. I was an emotional disaster, thought I was going to pass out and my poor husband was doing everything he could to get to the hospital as fast as he could all while trying to calm me down.

Once I was checked into Triage they got me in a room ASAP because Placenta Previa can be very dangerous. I saw the doctor immediately and she checked my cervix to make sure it was closed (in most cases, if you start to dilate & your cervix is open- its a sign of the baby coming.) Not in all cases, but in most. We were relieved to know it was closed and I no longer had "active" bleeding. They did a complete blood work on me to make sure I had proper clotting factors incase I were to start bleeding again. The lab work came back great. Although everything checked out good, they wanted me to stay overnight to monitor me and make sure the bleeding didn't continue again. My husband and I thought about it for A LONG time and decided to go home. To some this may sound stupid, but in all honesty we weren't fully aware of the risks because nothing was explained. So my first thought was that they just wanted to rack up our hospital bill over some bleeding. The doctor we had didn't seem very concerned either which made our decision that much easier. We got home around 10pm and went to bed. (My mom kept Lyric over night for us)

Sunday 2/10/19- After getting up and down all night to go to the bathroom, there was still no sign of blood. I thought that bleeding episode was just a fluke thing that happened. That morning around 9am I was laying in bed drinking coffee and I got up to pee. I heard something drop in the toilet and looked down... I saw a lot of blood and a blood clot the size of a golf ball. I wiped a few times to make sure I was "Actively" bleeding before leaving. Every time I wiped I had full blown bright red blood all over the toilet paper. We immediately headed back to the hospital.

Once I got to Triage, I had the complete blood work done again (which was normal). My cervix was check again and I was now 2cm dilated and the outer portion of my cervix was open. I was told most second time moms will dilate on the outside but not the inside. Since the doctor didn't see inside to my placenta they weren't as concerned by that. My doctor was informed about all the complications but since this could be life threatening they decided to turn me over to the high risk doctors. They were so good at explaining every possibility to me and some of the information scared the crap out of us, but I feel like I'm in the best hands as of now. They decided to keep me in the hospital for 3 days to monitor my vitals and any bleeding I might have. They also immediately gave me steroid shots to help the babies lungs develop incase he would have to be delivered sometime soon/ prematurely (I will get 2 doses total). As of now, I've only bled those two times and have been clear ever since.

What causes the bleeding? So many people have asked me this and the answer is unknown. The doctors say that anytime your cervix changes or your placenta moves in the slightest bit, it can cause it too bleed. The worst case scenario is my placenta shifting and tearing along the way which is what they're scared of. If that happens I could possibly bleed to death/ loose a significant amount of blood within minutes.

What happens now? If everything goes as planned and I'm able to go home after the 72 hours, our home life will be extremely different & not easy. I cannot do anything, I mean.... I'll be sitting and laying down as much as possible, no bending, no lifting and nothing putting pressure on my stomach. Any little thing can cause my placenta to rupture at any given moment, which is the scariest thing for me. Not only am I trying to protect this little baby in my belly, but I'm also trying to protect myself for my little boy & husband I have at home. This has been the hardest thing to get my mind around because I'm literally scared to death. The doctors want us to get a caregiver or someone who can be home with me at all times incase something were to happen and I can't get to the phone to dial 911 on time. They also want someone there to protect Lyric in case anything were to happen as well. If I happen to have another controlled bleeding episode again I will immediately be admitted into the hospital to be monitored until I deliver the baby. (lets pray my body treats me well and none of this happens!) 

How do you get Placenta Previa? Apparently in most cases, placenta previa occurs from having a pervious c-section. There are obviously rare cases that it happens randomly and that would be my case! I had a healthy, easy pregnancy with Lyric (my first baby) with no complications so I never thought in a million years this pregnancy would be so difficult.

On another note, my belly is growing so fast this time around and this little boys kicks are getting stronger and stronger every day. We finally picked out a name, which feels so perfect for him (I'll announce that at a later date!). Every time this babe is hooked up to monitors, I'm told he is so perfect. We just had an ultrasound done on 2/10/19 and he was weighing approx. 2 pounds! I just want him healthy and happy in my belly as LONG as possible.

I could ramble on forever, so I'm going to stop here- until my next update!

Please keep our baby in your prayers & that he will be able to baked full term!

Thank you so much for all your sweet messages and prayers. It's so appreciated.

Brittney Deyoung Copyright 2020

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