Postpartum Recovery- For Vaginal & C-Section Births

Having a baby is scary in itself, but not knowing what to expect or how to care for your postpartum body can be so nerve racking. I went through the hardest day of my life the afternoon my first son was born. My vaginal birth was not "traditional" and I experienced a ton of pain afterwards. My second was a completely different story, but the recovery process was still hard. These products were essential in my recovery and I would recommend every single one of these items over and over again! This list is based on my experience with both a vaginal and c-section birth. 

To make life a little easier this time around, I created a little bin with all my products so that I could keep them in one spot. I noticed my first PP recovery I spent searching through drawers, looking on countertops and digging under the sink for all my essentials. This time around I want everything in one spot to make life a little more easier.

Granny Panties│I would highly recommend getting form fitting, butt covering panties. I noticed the looser ones would rub/irritate my sore vagina. The tighter ones would hold your period pad and the medicated cooling pads close to your vagina which made it much more comfortable. I also loved these because the band of the panties laid under your belly which felt better then sitting directly on it.

Tucks Medicating Cooling Pads│You cannot live your postpartum life without these. I will say these pads were the best thing that ever happened to my vagina. They provided a cooling relief to an area that is burning or has inflamed tissue.

Wingless Maxi Pads │You bleed a lot after giving birth vaginally, so good thick pads are a must! I had a 4th degree tear, so I found that the pads without wings worked the best for me. The sticky portion of the wings would often stick to my incision causing a lot of pain.

Adult High Waisted Diapers │I didn't use these with my vaginal birth, but I really wish I had. I bled so much the first week or so that the pads would fill up extremely fast and often bunch up when I sat down. That caused more pain for me at the end of the day. So having these diapers with built in panties/pads would have been great! (I bought them for my c-section)

Squirt Bottle│ This is something you don't really have to worry about because the hospital should provide you with one. After giving birth its very uncomfortable to wipe or apply any kind of pressure down there, so instead you squirt water to help keep the area clean. A friend of mine recommend the Frida Mom Washer and said that helped her a lot, so I linked it for you!

Stool Softeners │After pushing out a baby the last thing you want to be doing is applying pressure and pushing out a poop. So you definielty need to get some stool softness to help. This is the brand my doctor/ hospital recommended and they worked great!

Sitz Bath│This was really nice to have during the healing process. I don't think it really does anything but provide some relief for the time being. But either way it felt soothing. Make sure your cleared to take a bath before using this!

High Waisted Panties │I was skeptical about high waisted panties because I've heard both good and bad things about them after a c-section. For me, these were perfect, especially because they were soft, seamless and went above my incision so it didn't cause irritation. I would definitely recommend sizing up (maybe even 2 sizes up) because your stomach is still very big afterwards. I made the mistake of thinking I would be back into my xs undies and that just wasn't the case, AT ALL. I actually had to cut the undies so they weren't squeezing my belly and thighs. haha. If I were to size up from the beginning they would have been perfect! I also ordered a second (different) pair that were thicker and softer. I actually like these better, so I linked them for ya: High Waisted Cotton Panties - Black (Size wayyyyy up for a C-Section)

Adult High Waisted Diapers │These are perfect for the first week+ after having your baby. They've actually been my favorite thing to use postpartum so far. I found that normal pads would bunch up in my vagina and blood would leak on my panties or I would get a blog clot from the pad being to tight on me. These have actually been pretty nice and easy to use and I love that I can discard them instead of adding more to my laundry pile. Also, they are loose enough on your stomach, cover your incision and are SUPER soft!

Wingless Maxi Pads │After the first week or so, these are my go to! Now that I'm starting the healing process and going out a little more I like to wear panties with the pads versus the diaper, for obvious reasons haha. I hate pad that have wings because the wing part always sticks to me or my pants, so wingless is my go-to!

Stretchy Pants (Size up) │I got mine from TJ Maxx and let me tell ya, I live in these pants. They are so soft, comfy and loose so I am able to pull them up above my incision so they don't rub on it. I liked a similar pair I found on amazon.

Stool Softeners │It really hurts to push. You use so many muscles to push out poop that you wouldn't believe. So I highly recommend getting stool softeners so you do very minimal pushing. This is the brand I took during my first pregnancy and the brand my doctor/hospital recommended.

Night Gown │I LOVE THIS DRESS! I've been living in this thing for the past few weeks that I get sad when it has to go in the wash haha. It's so light, soft and breastfeeding friendly. Plus, its a good price for the quality!

Nipple Cream│If you plan on breastfeeding you definitely need some type of nipple cream. Your nipple can get chapped, sore and some even bleed. This cream saved my nipples life. I would put this on in between feedings to rehydrate and provide some relief during both postpartum recoveries! Highly recommend this stuff.

Nursing Bra│I've gone through quite a few different nursing bras to find the ones that work best for me with both babies. I noticed the tighter, bra-like ones provide the most support for your enlarged breasts that are underwire free! I produce an enormous amount of milk, so my boobs are always full and sore and these bras helped so much!

Nursing Gel Pads│These are the best! I put these little gel pads in the fridge to get them cold and apply them on my nipples/ breast to help with the burning and aching of breastfeeding. I used these religiously during my first PP recovery. However, recent studies show that they collect a ton of bacteria which is not good for your nipples. I don't know how true it is. So, this time around I found a product that has worked great and doesn't have bacteria growing properties called Silverette. I've only used them a couple times because this time around my nipples weren't in as much pain, but they did provide some relief.

Reusable Nursing Pads│Because I produced so much milk, I would leak frequently. I loved the reusable/ washable nursing pads. Each set of pads has different thicknesses for the different times of day. Example: You would use the thicker pads for overnight and the thinner pads during the day. The only downside is the cloth sticks to my nipples once the milk drys and it hurts pulling it off.  

Water Bottle with Tracker │The hospital should provide you with a big water jug that will track your oz intake. If not a linked one similar. It's so important to make sure you drink plenty of water especially while breastfeeding.

Postnatal Vitamins │They have postnatal vitamins at the store, but if you can't find them you can continuing taking your prenatal vitamins. They're essentially the same thing and important to your postpartum recovery.

Belly Cream│Your skin is like elastic; so even though it may be done "stretching" from the baby, it's still really important to keep it hydrated in order to bounce back quick. I would apply this Tummy Butter on once a day after both babies! I actually used this same cream throughout both pregnancies as well. This same brand also has a postpartum line which I just started using after my second baby was born ( 3 weeks ago ) and I'm obsessed. I love everything they offer and I feel like it works so well for a good skincare routine. My favorite this Postpartum recovery has been the Boob Tube- Bust Protection for my boobs! Seriously works wonders.

Belly Band│When you're pregnant your abdominal muscles separate, so using a belly band after birth helps bring those muscles back together and reduce the risk of permanent separation. This was my favorite band because you can adjust it from all angles. They say not to wear it if you've had a c-section  until you are cleared from your doctor, so I haven't worn it yet. I did however wear it after my first baby and loved it! 

PJ Dress│I would highly recommend one of these. It's really uncomfortable to wear pants or anything tight on your stomach (for both vaginal births and c-sections). So I came across these dresses which were the best. They're loose, comfy and has buttons for easy access to breastfeeding.

Heating Pad│This isn't anything necessary but if you have one I would pull it out and dust it off. Your uterus contracts allowing it to shrink back to its original size. As its contracting back down, it feels like really bad period cramps. A heating pads helps these cramps and makes you feel more comfortable. I only used this for my vaginal birth, not my C- Section.

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