How to Easily Remove Baby Stains Without Harsh Chemicals

I'm a sucker for a good before and after picture especially when it comes to stains. There's something so satisfying about seeing something dirty and then the same image just magically clean. If you follow my Instagram stories I'm sure you've seen my countless number of before and afters of my newborns crazy spit up stains and yellow poopy blowouts. So here I am dishing out my secret to keeping all his expensive clothes looking brand new.

Okay let's get started! You'll need two things and two things only.

1. A cheap tooth brush (optional)

2. Natural Grove Collaborative Stain Remover which is $4.95!

I have linked the website where you can purchase it, and an extra bonus is that you get a FREE Mrs. Meyers 5 piece set + one product with a purchase. I swear by this product and it's the only one that has worked on the toughest stains including poop... and trust me I've tried a lot. Plus, it's cheap and gets delivered to your door step soooo..... WIN WIN.

*This post contains affiliate links, which doesn't mean anything on your end. However, every time you click a link or purchase something from my recommendations it helps my family out in more ways than you know. So, thank you and you're the best!*

Step 1 │Rinse

Wet the section of the clothing you want to remove the stain from. If it's poop, make sure to rinse off all the poop prior to spraying your stain remover. You should be able to rub your fingers across it (as my toddler would say "dat pee ewwww") and not have any extra residue on your fingers. Not that you would want to run your fingers through poop, but you get the gist.

Step 2 │Spray

Spray your Grove Collaborative Stain Remover everywhere you see the stain. Let it sit for 10 minutes. There's no harm in letting it sit longer, which I've done a countless number of times because MOM LIFE. I can't even remember to eat lunch let alone check on a stain. So... If your like me you might want to set a timer!

Step 3│Scrub

10 minutes is up! Now time to break out your handy dandy tooth brush. Yes, thats a kids toothbrush I'm using... It came in a pack of two and he only uses one so I figured, what the hell I'll just use this. Anyways, take your toothbrush and lightly scrub in the direction of the fabric. For instance if the fabric is going in a vertical direction, lightly scrub up in down in that same direction. If you do it in the opposite direction of the fabric it will cause the fabric to become loose and fray. Repeat steps 1-3 until stain is no longer extremely visible. If you can slightly see it, it's okay because the wash will get the rest out.

Step 4 │Wash

I give it one more rinse in the sink before throwing it in the washer. Then I let the washer do the rest. I use Dropps laundry detergent but you can honestly use anything. I just like to use something that has no fragrance or dye because I have two little boys and a husband with sensitive skin.


Brittney Deyoung Copyright 2020

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