Easy Refreshing Summer Cocktail

Updated: Jul 3

I'm all about a good summer cocktail, but here's the thing: I really hate buying 500 ingredients and spending hours making syrups just to have the drink gone in a few minutes. So, my goal is to make something very light, refreshing, low calorie and delicious!

We actually have a family beach staycation planned in a couple weeks (a little home away from home getaway). So I thought theres no better time to make a cocktail, and boy oh boy am I excited! We'll be hanging out by the beach, watching the kids splash in the pool and just enjoying each others company. These days are what I live for especially making the most perfect memories with the people I love most.

I wanted something refreshing since were going to be out in the sun all day, so I found some delicious ingredients which compliment each other so well. This cocktail is the perfect mix between sweet but also light and refreshing. But before I go on, I wanted to note that I love reusing ingredients for other recipes. I'm not a huge fan of buying ingredients just to sit in the fridge for the next 6 months haha. Therefor, all these ingredients I used in this recipe can be used, not only for this cocktail but other things as well. And If you don't drink, don't worry! This is delicious with or without the liquor. Enough chatting, here's what we came up with!



1 jar of Mezzetta Maraschino Cherries #Mezzetta

1 bag of limes

1 can of Zevia Lemon Lime Mist

Vodka of choice

1. Juice your bag of limes (I like to juice them all at once to make it easier). I use an automatic citrus juicer which was only $19. It comes in handy when making homemade orange juice or cocktails, hehe. If you don't have one, feel free to juice by hand! It works just as good but it may take a little longer. Okay, the hardest part is done.

2. At the bottom of your glass add 3 Mezzetta Maraschino Cherries and 2 tablespoons of the cherry juice straight from the jar. I honestly love this brand over others because I find the cherries to have the perfect pop of sweetness when you bite into it. The juice is the most important part so don't let that go to waste!

Adding the extra cherry juice gives it a touch of cherry flavor with a little sweetness without it being over powering. (I love these cherries so much I could literally eat the whole jar. hehe) Next, add ice!

Oh, and remember when I said I never let ingredients go to waste? Well, here's an example of that! You can easily use the rest of your Mezzetta Maraschino Cherries to make a delicious cherry pie, summer-inspired cherry slushies, or a cherry balsamic dressing!

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3. Add a shot of vodka, 1 tablespoon of lime juice and then fill the rest with Zevia (Lemon lime Mist). I like to use the Zevia brand because it has 0 calories and 0 sugar! If you cant find it feel free to use sprite!

4. Last step! Just top with a lime and a couple Mezzetta Maraschino Cherries; because who doesn't love a juicy Maraschino cherry on top of their cocktail? There ya have it, you have yourself a perfect, low calorie summer cocktail.

I hope this inspired you to make a fresh cocktail (or mocktail) with a few simple, but delicious ingredients. If you happen to make this, feel free to tag me (@brittneydeyoung) so I can reshare!


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