The best toys to buy your toddler for Christmas

Toddler Gift Guide

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

It's that time of year to start prepping and planning for Christmas! This is one of my favorite times of the year because I love having family together, watching the kids play with all their new toys and of course all the yummy food!

Although the holidays are so exciting and fun they can also be super stressful. Every year I tell myself "I'm going to slowly get Christmas gifts throughout the year so I'm not rushing to get them last minute"; and every year I still find myself stressed out rushing to get gifts last minute. FAIL. So, I decided to put together a fun gift guide to help those who are like me and wait till the last minute. haha!

I've recently found so many good deals and fun toys that I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share them with you all. I've included budget friendly options as well as big ticketed items that will last a lifetime! The majority of these items I have or I have bought for Lyric and Lowen and I would highly recommend them! I'll include some pictures of my boys using them so you can get an idea of what they look like in real life!


I was on a search for a few toys that I could wrap and put under the tree for Lyric to open. I say this because this boy literally has everything; but as a parent you can't help but see their excitement to open their gifts on Christmas morning. All these toys I either bought or we already have and I would highly recommend for anyone with a toddler (boy or girl). The ones we already have he loves and plays with them frequently and I'm sure he'll treat the new ones the same. I really wanted to focus on wooden toys and blocks because I've noticed they last longer and can easily be passed down to Lowen, our 6 month old but that's not always the most fun thing to play with, so I found a little of both!

I made it easy this time around for you to click the "shop now" button and it will take you directly to the listing. So feel free to click them and read what they're about because I promise you wont want to pass these up!

Kids Camera $30

This is the cutest camera that really takes pictures and engages with the kids. It has zooming capabilities, different photo filters and little games for them to play. Lyric loves sitting with me and watching me take pictures so I really want to get this for him! Such a great deal too!

Kids Tablet $13

I actually bought this for Lyric for Christmas. I couldn't pass it up especially for this price. It plays music, teaches them numbers and letters verbally along with words and daily life tasks. I know he's going to love it because he likes anything that has lights, makes noise and resembles mamas computer/ tablet haha!

Vacuum $13

We have a little vacuum for Lyric which we got on Amazon last Christmas (I linked it above) and it's so cute! I found this one at Walmart which is very similar to the one we have just a different color. This is a GREAT price. I would even get this and paint the colors i'm not a big fan of because these vacuums can be expensive. You can't beat $13!

Learning Dinosaur $15

We've actually had this same exact toy for a year now and Lyric & Lowen both love it. It counts, recognizes colors and different foods to eat. Lyric plays with this almost every day so I had to include it in my gift guide. Not to mention it's on sale right now for $15 online which is cheaper then it was in stores! BUY THIS! Your babe will love it, promise.

Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head $7

I just bought this because Lyric is obsessed with Toy Story and we had to add it to his collection. For $7 I thought this was a steal especially because other Toy Story items are a lot more expensive. Also, I love that the pieces can come off and your child can put the pieces back together and be rearranged.

Forky $12

Again, to go along with our collection we HAD to get forky. Lyric and I did a craft awhile back where we made our own forky and he LOVED it. But of course it wasn't very sturdy and the eyes fell off because he played with it so much. So this time I know hell be so so so excited to get a real one on Christmas!

Kinetic Sand Kit $16

I've been wanting to get this for Lyric for awhile now. We normally play with Play-Doh but this could be really fun for building, cutting and learning. I love how it comes as a set with all the tools you need to explore around the sand. It was also on sale so I couldn't pass it up!


Okay this is one of the coolest things we've recently got. It's a little on the pricer side but still reasonable considering how big it is. Since Lyric is in the adventurous stage and always climbing on everything, this was a must for him. So let me explain how it works. The one side of the arch can be used as a climber/ bridge and then if you flip it over it acts as a rocker. Then you have the second piece which fits right into the grooves of the wood and can be used as a ladder or a slide. It's really sturdy, in fact my husband and I tried it haha.


Every year since I was little my mom had always bought my brother and I PJ's to open on Christmas Eve. It kinda became a family tradition without even trying. So, fast forward to now having two babes myself, my husband and I do the same exact thing. We create little boxes for them to open the night before Christmas which includes PJ's (not Christmas themed because we want them to be worn for awhile), a book and some cheap little gadgets for them to play with.

Here are some cute and cheap PJ's I've found to include in their little Christmas Eve boxes. I haven't bought any yet, but I do plan on purchasing a set below for the boys to match! hehe.


Now these are a little bit of a splurge but it is the best splurge you will make. They are the softest, comfiest, lightest PJ's you will ever feel. They are well made, durable and so stretchy that they will 100% grow with your babes. Lowen is now in 12 month clothes but he still fits into his 3-6 month Kyte Baby PJ's. We have a toddler set as well as 10 zipper footies and snap footies for the baby. We're a huge fan if you cant tell.

I also like to include a little sippy cups and miscellaneous things to add in the box that they can use all year long. So here are some of my favorite sippy cups for Lyric who is 2 years old. These are spill proof and have been a breeze to clean. Plus they keep his water cold for a long period of time (if you get the insulated ones) which we have multiple of!


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