Turning a house into a home- Renovation

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

YOU GUYS!!! HOME IS WEAR YOU TAKE YOUR PANTS OFF! My husband says this just about everyday when he comes home from work as he strips down to boxers, leaving his clothes on the floor for...you guessed it, me to clean up; but well save that for another blog post. On June 6th 2017 my husband and I purchased our very first house and lets just say it wasn't up to our "home" standards. My husband was on deployment and I was 7 months pregnant on a mission to find something amazing to bring our baby boy home to. I never had that ‘Awh’ moment, I couldn’t envision our family in any of these homes and the potential ‘fix ups’ didn’t match the house price. Then I found this little gem, It was so ugly and when I walked in I immediately wanted to walk out. I actually made our realtor Bruce take me back to this house multiple times (he was seriously the best person and realtor ever.) There was a reason I kept making our realtor take me back, I knew this house was something I could picture our little family making memories in. My husband took a month off work and made it his mission to make this house exactly what I wanted. HE DID NOT DISAPPOINT! I love this house and every memory, fix up and trouble that came with it. It’s our pride of joy and a place that feels so cozy to us. We can now finally call this house a home and take our pants off! :) Scroll down to see the before and after pictures with details linked!




First thing was first, the wall separating the kitchen and dining room HAD to go. We all watch HGTV and hear the infamous words "oh well just knock that wall down" like its a piece of cake. So those were our exact thoughts, we'll just knock this down and create an open concept. It wasn't as easy as it seemed. We had to hire a contractor because there was electrical that needed to be reran, the wall needed to be drywalled/textured and our ceiling needed to be patched. Not to mention all the drywall particals that were floating around the house which made an absolute mess!

Once the wall was removed we could start picking out the fun stuff. WOOT WOOT! This by far was my favorite part (aside from decorating of course.) We chose our countertops, flooring, wall color and cabinet color- which are all linked below.

Wall color throughout the house- 'Silver Cloud' by BEHR MARQUEE® Interior Satin Enamel

Flooring throughout the house- Saratoga Hickory Laminate Flooring from The HomeDepot (ON SALE! .89 sqft right now)




  • Cabinet Color- 'Pure White' by Sherwin-Williams in ProClassic Waterborne Interior Acrylic Enamel

  • Cabinet Pulls- Brainerd Bar Pulls in Stainless Steel from Lowes

  • Backsplash- White subway tiles with a light grey grout

  • Sink Faucet- Giagni Fresco Stainless Steel from Lowes

  • Countertops- Quartz- Ice Queen

  • Tall Coffee Bar Table- Trader Maes

  • Entry Way Light Fixture- Palermo Grove 31.88 in. 5-Light Black Gilded Iron Linear Chandelier

  • Swindle Barstools- Hobby Lobby (on sale for $60 each!)

  • EAT Kitchen Sign- Hobby Lobby 50% off

  • Wreath- Hobby Lobby 50% off

  • Coffee bar Shelf- Husband made them! He cut the desired length from a 1x10 piece of wood, stained it and added some $2 brackets. Total Cost of the project: $30 but it made 3 shelves

  • Jars- TJ Maxx (our coffee bar doubles as a formula bar, hints the pitcher of water and jar of white formula ;p)

Now heres were the real fun started, DECORATING! One of my favorite things in the world is decorating a new house, a blank slate if you will. However, I found myself getting lost in the Pinterest world. My heart started beating really fast, I felt like I didn't have my life together and I could never have this "Pinterest" house or be one of these "I have 5 kids, I look like I'm 18 and I always have my -ish together" type of person. Instead, I was really pregnant, laying on my moms tiny spare bed, rolling back and fourth just to get the momentum to swing myself out of it. I got major anxiety as I pinned 5 million different styles that I liked. I had a really hard time figuring out what fit our lifestyle. How did I figure it out you ask? Well, I had to pry myself away from Pinterest and figure out the basic colors I wanted to go with. I've always loved subtle grey walls because you can pretty much mix and match any color or print and it will look cohesive. Once my wall color was done, I went to town creating a chic, modern, moroccan vibe. All details will be linked. Please note, our house is still not done and I'm still building my decor inventory little by little (which my husband hates haha!) but this is what we have so far!




  • Farmhouse Table- This table was made by a local guy who started a small business- Rexwood

  • Dining Room Chairs- The chairs are discontinued, here is a similar one-Pompon Tufted Side Chair

  • Fireplace Mantel- We actually had this made by a local carpenter

  • Fireplace Insert- PuraFlame 33" Western Electric Fireplace Insert with Remote Control

  • Fireplace Mantel Plants- TJ Maxx

  • Area Rug- 8x10 Rug by Diagonal Designs- in Ivory & Grey (currently out of stock in that size)

  • Coffee Table- Valora Coffee Table

  • Curtains- IKEA! Great thickness and they are the longest I could find for the price.

  • Picture Frames- Hobby Lobby 50% off!

  • Cactus Artwork- By Trista Lee Creative

  • Living Room Candle Sticks- Hobby Lobby 50% off!

  • Moroccan Floor Pouf- Home Goods ($45)

  • Sofa Pillows- TJ Maxx

  • Mid Century Plant Stands- Scored all 3 plant stands for $25 at Home Goods

  • Indoor Plants- Whatever I could find in the indoor plant section of Lowes/ The HomeDepot. I tried to stick with the ones that were air purifying.


Ahhhh our master bedroom! I'm in love with our bedroom even though I'm not entirely done with the decor. Every house we've ever lived in our bedroom was always so girly and over the top. So in this home I wanted it to be more masculine for my husband while still giving an intimate feel. Of course you already know I had to make it bright and airy because I'm obsessed with light. I choose a dark blue color for the walls to add a bold element, gold accents and mid century furniture. I'm so in love with this room. Check out the details below with links to every thing!




  • Accent Wall Paint Color- 'Admiral Blue M520-7' by BEHR MARQUEE® Interior Satin Enamel

  • Gold Curtain Rods- The exact rods are discontinued heres one similar- Avalon Curtain Rod

  • Bed Frame- Queen sized Everly Quinn Park Upholstered Platform

  • Accent Wall Decor- TJ Maxx

  • Mid-Century Night Stands- Amazon by Sofamania. We absolutely LOVE these night stands!

  • Picture Frames- Hobby Lobby 50% off! (waiting for my other picture to get printed and hung!)

  • Blue Watercolor Artwork- By Trista Lee Creative

  • Comforter- Amazon by Linenspa in white

  • Sheets- Amazon by AmazonBasics (The best sheets you will ever own & super cheap!)

  • Dog Bed- At Home Store

  • Lamp- Target

  • Knitted Throw Blanket- IKEA


So, as I'm sure you noticed, our house is extremely tiny. We had to make a small space feel bigger by adding brighter colors and changing up the decor of the rooms and the bathrooms. Funny story, both bathrooms had that big, chunky ceramic posts for the towels and toilet paper to hang on. Well, I HATED it and made my husband rip it out. What we didn't realize is behind those big ugly ceramic posts wad absolutely nothing. A big ol' hole! Thats right, we had huge holes all over our bathroom walls that you pop your head through and see to the other walls. So, we decided to purchase bead board to put over the entire wall. We nailed it up, caulk it and the painted it white. (see picture below) We then added our NEW towel hooks and toilet paper holder.




  • Cabinet Color- 'Pure White' by Sherwin-Williams- ProClassic Waterborne Interior Acrylic Enamel

  • Shower Curtains- TJ MAXX

  • Wall Artwork- TJ MAXX

  • Towel Hooks- Gatehouse from Lowes (Don't buy your towel hooks from the bathroom section because the prices are outrageous, instead buy them from the little hook section for 1/3 of the price)

  • Toilet Paper Holder- Pfizer Auden Tuscan Bronze

  • Light Fixtures- Kichler Bayley from Lowes


Ugh this room..... I had really high hopes of making this a beautiful space. However, money and space was an issue. In order to make this a dreamy space we needed to add a bunch of stuff and to be quite honest, I was really pregnant and all I wanted to do was decorate our babies nursery. So, we put up couple of shelves and called it a day!




  • Laundry Soap Shelf- Husband made them! He cut the desired length from a 1x10 piece of wood, stained it and added some $2 brackets. Total Cost of the project: $30 but it made 3 shelves

  • Wall color throughout the house- 'Silver Cloud' by BEHR MARQUEE® Interior Satin Enamel

  • Laundry Soap Jars- TJ MAXX

  • Laundry Room Sign- Hobby Lobby 50% Off

I hope you enjoyed seeing our before and after pictures; because lets be honest, who does love those? I hope this post inspires you to expand your home designs and do some DIY projects! If you have any questions feel free to email me! I would be happy to help!!

Brittney Deyoung Copyright 2020

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