Valentines Day Gift Baskets

Updated: Feb 19

I don't know about you but when I first found out I was pregnant with Lyric I was so excited to be that "cute mom". I wanted to be the one to go to all the school functions, create cute goodie bags for all the holidays and throw the best parties. Well, the time has finally come and he's at the perfect age to create all the fun holiday inspired gift baskets!

Lyric goes to a small at-home school with 4 kids; so I love putting together little goodie bags for my boys as well as their friends. However, it can get pretty expensive and the $3 Target section can add up quick. So, I wanted to show you my cute, inexpensive Valentines day baskets I put together for my boys as well as their friends. Almost all of this stuff is from my local Dollar Tree unless otherwise stated!

Toddler Valentines Day Basket

My favorite thing to do when it comes to holiday baskets for my kids is adding things that can occupy their time and not create a bunch of clutter in our house. I also have a snack monster on my hands so I like to include some of his favorite things while keeping it (somewhat) healthy.

I spent a total of $17.00 on Lyrics Valentines Day Basket. The most expensive thing was $10 everything else was $1.

Amazon Prime│Kinetic Sand $10

Dollar Tree│Multi-coloring pad $1

Dollar Tree│Dinosaurs $1 each

Dollar Tree│3D Dinosaur coloring page $1

Dollar Tree│Plastic Valentines cups with straws $1 each

I also picked up some bubbles for $1 at the Dollar Tree and some of his favorite snacks at the grocery store and arranged it all in a big bucket that was also $1 at the Dollar Tree.

Friends Valentines Day Basket

I made 4 baskets filled with bubbles, Organic fruit snacks, dried fruit, Apple sauce pouches and a cute little Valentines cup. Each basket costs me $4.00 to make each one and I think it makes the perfect little gift for a small class, a little valentines party or just for your babes.

Dollar tree │2 heart baskets for $1

Dollar tree │Plastic Valentines cups with straws $1 each

Target all of these were on sale which is why I picked them│Organic Fruit Snacks $2 ( 5 pouches), Teething Biscuits $2 (13 packs), Apple Sauce $2 (4 pouches)

Dollar tree │Treat Bags $1 (3 bags), Bubbles $1 (8 bubble sticks), Dried Fruit $1

Baby Valentines Day Baskets

When it comes to little ones I like to keep it super simple because they don't really know any better. I love putting together a bunch of teething biscuits and snacks along with a sippy cup (or a cup with a straw depending on the babe) as well as a teething toy which I still need to get.

I wanted to write this post to show what I did this year for the boys and Lyrics friends. I plan on making another post on Amazon Prime Valentines deals so keep an eye out for that. But if you're looking for something simple, affordable and super cute this is for you! If you happen to purchase any of these items and create your own baskets please tag me so I can re-share it to my Instagram (@brittneydeyoung) or email me your pictures! ( I would LOVE to see them!

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