Our Family Vacation at Hilton Hotel in West Palm Beach, FL

With our oldest son just turning two, parenthood has been a little rough for us lately. The tantrums are ear piercing and the energy he has is exhausting for us. So, a family vacation is exactly what we needed. We were able to turn in the chores, yard work and laundry for a weekend getaway with our boys! This quality time spent with our kids, are moments I will never forget. I know as they grow up they will appreciate these family memories and time spent together. I can't wait to continue to travel and explore the world with my boys.

This time around we traveled south to West Palm Beach. We actually went a few months ago and while it was fun, it was our first trip with a new baby and toddler so it was a little rocky. Now that were more seasoned in the traveling department we decided to go back and really experience the fun West Palm Beach has to offer. This time we stayed at the Hilton Hotel in West Palm Beach which was nothing short of amazing. From the polite service, good food, beautiful decor, clean rooms and countless amounts of entertainment for Lyric we were very pleased with our stay.

I wanted to share all the details from our trip so it takes the guess work out of finding a good hotel for you! So, if you're in the West Palm Beach area or our planning a trip there, look no further! Hilton Hotel in West Palm Beach seriously has it all for so many reasons which I'll share once I'm done babbling.

**This post is sponsored by Hilton Hotel in West Palm Beach **

We pulled up and was immediately greeted by valet, they actually don't provide the option for self parking so you do have to pay a $20 daily fee which was fine with us. They were very quick to send someone to take our luggage as they took our car. Everyone was so polite and super sweet. Check in was at 3pm but we ended up arriving a little after 4pm which worked out great because everything was ready for us. So, we were able to head up to check out our room!

As a family of 4, with a toddler and a baby we need all the space we can get when it comes to a hotel room. If you have kids then you know you have to pack your entire house when it comes to traveling, so space is essential for us. Our room gave us just what we needed by providing a big open space, living area with a pull out bed, separate bedroom and a beautiful view. Also, a little side note: As soon as we walked in our toddler, Lyric immediately ran to the phone. We always joke because the minute we step foot in a hotel room he runs straight for the phone. So, basically if the room has a good phone (this one had two) it's automatically Lyric approved! haha

Anyways, one thing that is a must have for us is a separate bedroom because we like our baby and toddler separated while sleeping. They're both so sensitive to noise that any little movement, sound or light will wake them up instantly. For instant, Lyric sleeps in complete darkness with no sound. Lowen likes to sleep with a little light and a loud sound machine. So, we ended up putting the baby in the living room (with his owlet on so we could monitor his breathing) and our toddler in our room with us. We also kept our formula maker in the living room so if the baby randomly woke up hungry we wouldn't wake our toddler. It actually worked out perfect for us and both boys slept great!

Peep the phone off the charger.... I wonder who has it? hehe

After we settled into our room it was time to explore the hotel a little! We planned on spending the whole day at the pool the following day so we wanted to check it out and get familiar with everything! I honestly couldn't help but snap all the pictures of this stunning lobby and lounge area. They have a little business area with computers for you to use, couches to lounge in, chairs and tables for you to sit at and relaxing decor to make you feel right at home! I noticed throughout our trip so many people would relax in this area in the evenings and enjoy a coffee there in the mornings.

The hotel has multiple food options which was great for our family because we hate packing the kids up just to go out to eat. So to have restaurants on the property that we could eat at was a bonus for us. They were all so great in their own ways so I'll go over all the things we got and what we loved about each one!

Galley │The first thing I have to point out is how beautiful this restaurant is. It has such a fun, earthy feel with all the greenery and open outdoor environment. It was such a cozy, inviting and relaxing space to enjoy dinner and drinks. Oh and they have a band that plays on Friday nights which was a nice touch. Okay, lets get to the menu because that was the best part! Galley features farm-to-table cuisine with locally sourced ingredients and let me tell ya, you can really taste it! We thoroughly enjoyed are dinner here and actually dined at Galley twice. The first night we shared the Ahi Tuna appetizer which was delicious, fresh and plated nicely. I would highly recommend starting with that because it was the perfect amount of food with a bite full of flavor. As for the entree, I ordered the Carne Asada Pizza which was SO.DANG.GOOD. It had a little heat which complimented the creaminess of the cheese and tartness of the sauce very well. Our toddler got the pepperoni pizza which was surprisingly really big. I kid you not, this picky two year old ate the whole entire pizza which my husband and I were shocked by. I cant get him to eat anything at home but Galley gets him to eat an entire pizza haha! Lastly, my husband had the burger with the truffle fries which was cooked perfectly to his liking and the fries were delicious (I'm a huge fan of truffle fries so I stole a few of his, hehe).

The second night we actually had the same server who's name was Destiny. She was so dang sweet and very attentive and we also sat in our same exact seat as the night before, so I already felt like I was right at home. This time we decided to order the Ahi Tuna appetizer again because it was too good to pass up. Then, I ordered their special which was Mahi Mahi with couscous and asparagus and my husband had the wood-fired Bone-in Ribeye. Everything was cooked great and was very well seasoned. Our son had the grilled cheese with fries.

Manor │This is the hotels breakfast and lunch restaurant which also uses locally-sourced ingredients and has a cozy upscale vibe. Just like Galley they have indoor and outdoor seating available. Their outdoor seating is so pretty with an arrangement of couches as well as chairs. We ended up sitting outside to eat our lunch because it was such a beautiful day out! I got the fish tacos, my husband got the shrimp and grits and Lyric got the pizza (of course). The food was tasty, the service was good and the environment was inviting.

La Playa │This is their pool-side bar and grill which is located towards the back of the pool. We didn't eat here because we sat down as a family at Manor to eat but we did order drinks from here and they were really well made and so good, maybe a little TOO good if ya know what I mean haha. I kept smelling the food they were grilling up and it smelt so good!

Provisions │This is a little grab and go marketplace located inside the hotel which was so convenient for us! They have snacks, drinks, medication and ice cream. In fact, the first night we were there we decided to stop in and get Lyric some ice cream. They have the cutest little ice cream shop set up with a variety of flavors.

The hotel is pretty close to multiple different attractions. We were there for a short weekend stay so we just decided to stay at the hotel and soak in the sunshine by the pool. However, the Palm Beach Zoo, South Florida Science Museum, Norton Museum of Art and Lion Country Safari are all just a few short miles away from the hotel. Maybe our next family vacation we will venture out and explore the city more, but I was happy staying and explore the hotel this time around.

Okay so, this is one thing I'm so excited to touch base on because I've noticed this is a common trend that newer hotels/ resorts are starting to do and I'm all for it. I was extremely happy about all the activities and entertainment because there was never a dull moment on our entire trip. They have an open lawn area outside the hotel with corn hole and connect four which we played with for a couple hours. Lyric was having so much fun running around in the big open space and playing with us. Lowen was just along for the ride giving us little giggles as his crazy big brother ran by. Honestly, as long as Lowen is outside he's a happy camper! But seriously, we had a blast as you can tell by the pictures!

Although this hotel is very family friendly and completely accommodating in that aspect, they can also get down with the get down. The pool was definitely a happening spot with a DJ playing all the good music, drinks flowing by the pool and everyone having so much fun. It was also family friendly by providing multiple umbrellas so almost every chair was covered by shade, comfortable couches (which we stayed on the whole time) and a zero entry pool for easy access for the kiddos. I personally LOVE places that have a zero entry pool, which is a pool entry that gradually goes in versus having steps. Lyric will literally sit in that part of the pool and come in and out as he pleases without me worrying about it being too deep. We spent the entire second day of our trip by the pool and had so much fun. Lyric and Lowen both passed out the minute we got up to the room so I call that a win!

Okay but seriously, just look at the pool. It's absolutely stunning and I felt like I was in a tropical paradise the entire time. The pool is outlined in palm trees and the building has beautiful vines going up the sides. My husband always tells me our forever home is going to have that, so you already know he loved it! They also have pool side cabanas that have tv's and mini refrigerators in them so if your looking for a more relaxed place to hangout I would recommend those.

We also took a little stroll around the pool at night and it was so beautiful. They had it all lit up which really highlighted the entire pool and palm trees surrounding it. Lyric kept saying "wow, dat cooo!" in translation that means "wow, that's cool!" If we didn't have the kids with us this would be a perfect play to sit and have a few drinks and enjoy the view and perfect weather!

We had so much fun and we really enjoyed our stay at Hilton Hotel in West Palm Beach! I would highly recommend this hotel if you're plan on visiting West Palm Beach or if you're already in the area. Not only was this a perfect family vacation but it would also make a great couple's getaway or girls weekend (which I saw a lot of during our stay). All in all this was a great experience from the rooms to the dining and it covered every department from head to toes. We will most definitely be going back to West Palm Beach and maybe explore the beach side next time! When we do we will stay at Hilton Hotel in West Palm Beach because we know the level of service we are going to get when staying there.

If you're interested in planning your stay I have linked their website as well as social media channels down below! I hope this helps you narrow down your search for a great, accommodating hotel for your next travels!

Brittney Deyoung Copyright 2020

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