Choosing A Budget Friendly Luxury Watch- JORD GIVEAWAY

I've been awing these watches for quite some time now, so when I finally got the opportunity I snagged one up! It's so hard to find good quality products that won't break the bank, so I'm here to tell you this watch is one of those products!

Not only is this perfect for women but it's also just as perfect for men. It was actually pretty funny; As I was looking through the varity of Jord watches for myself, my husband leaned over and asked if he could get one instead because he thought they looked so cool. I was shocked because he's not a big watch guy. It just goes to show that they offer so many different styles and colors for you to choose from that there is a style that fits everyone.


Their watches are so timeless, natural and extremely comfortable. Each piece is designed so elegantly so it can be paired with dressy attire while still staying true to versatility by wearing it outdoors or during every day activities. The watch I chose is their Cassia- Walnut and Vintage Rose that has a beautiful wooden band which is made from walnut, interlaced with a rose gold metal throughout. The faceplate is rose gold with a domed sapphire glass and roman numeral dial in the center. The back of the watch has a rose gold clasp which allows for an easy one-handed  attachment to the wrist and detachment. Lastly, I'm obsessed with how comfortable their watches are. Because they're made from wood, feel like they conform to your wrist and movements much easier then the traditional metal band. My watch doesn't pull my arm hair out, snag on my sweaters and most importantly I feel comfortable enough to wear it while caring for a toddler (which is HUGE!). If it can hold up around my crazy 16 month old, ya know it's a good one!


Jord Watches are affordable while still making you feel/ look like you just spent 1,000 dollars. For one, the unboxing experience is out of this world. When you get your watch, it is packaged in a simple, magnetic crafted box which opens upwards. The box is so beautiful that I can't find the courage to throw it away! So, in true Brittney fashion I had to find a use for it. Since mammon' is the only thing I know now a days, I decided to use the box to store my sons letters in. Every day we take a letter out of the box and practice our ABC's. Talk about multifunctional! Not only is it for you, but your little one can join in on the Jord fun too! Anyways, once it's opened your watch will be clasped around a little burlap pillow, which is also so cute, simple and gives me such a natural impression. I just loved everything about this and I was blow away by the craft behind the packaging. First impression is everything people!

Because I love my Jord watch so much, Jord and I decided to partner up together and create a fun giveaway for one person to WIN A FREE $100 shop credit. Whether you want a watch for your significant other, yourself or a family member/friend you've come to the right place. Click the link below to enter for a chance to win $100! The giveaway will end on 1/27/2019 so get your entries in!



Brittney Deyoung Copyright 2020

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